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Seminar series

Every Tuesday 15:15 in KBE301 (lecture hall, 3rd floor, KBC-building), unless otherwise indicated.

Andrei Chabes is coordinating the seminar series.

Former seminars

Spring 2019:

January 22 - Lisa Wingate, INRA, Bordeaux, France. "Estimating the global flux of carbonyl sulphide (COS) between soils and the atmosphere: the key role of soil nitrogen". Host: Jürgen Schleucher.

January 29 - Barbara Sixt, Department of molecular biology, Umeå University. "The Chlamydia effector CpoS – a modulator of inclusion membrane microdomains and interactions with the host trafficking machinery". Host: Richard Lundmark.

February 5 - Björn Burmann, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine, University of Gothenburg. "From biophysical principles towards the physiological function of chaperones". Host: Jürgen Schleucher.

February 12 - Sara Lindén, Gothenburg University. "Host pathogen interactions in the mucus niche". Host: Thomas Borén.

February 19 - Ilaria Testa, SciLifeLab and KTH, Stockholm. "MoNaLISA: a gentle super resolution technique for 3D-4D imaging of living cells at the nanoscale". Host: Lars-Anders Carlson.

February 26 -

March 5 - Ariane Briegel, Leiden University, Netherlands. "New insights into bacterial behavior by electron cryotomography". Host: Lars-Anders Carlson.

March 12 - John Shin, MRC's Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK. Host: Simon Tuck.

March 19 -

March 26 -

April 2 - Jonas Barandun, MIMS and Department of Molecular Biology. "Evolutionary compaction of the ribosome in an intracellular eukaryotic parasite". Host: Magnus Wolf-Watz.

April 9 -

April 16 - Edmund Kunji, MRC, Cambridge. "Understanding transport processes in mitochondria". Host: Ronnie Berntsson.

April 23 - Anna Campalans, François Jacob Institute of Biology, Paris, France. Host: Sjoerd Wanrooij

April 29 MONDAY 15:15 - Justin Sparks, Harvard Medical School. Host: Sjoerd Wanrooij.

May 7 - Aki Kawasaki, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Host: Lena Gunhaga.

May 14 - Chris Freyer och Anna Wredenberg, KI. Host: Paulina Wanrooij.

May 21 - Silvia Remeseiro, WCMM, Umeå University. Host: Andrei Chabes.

May 28 -

June 4 - Tracy Palmer, University of Dundee. Host: Ronnie Berntsson.

June 11 - Niklas Arnberg, Clinical Microbiology, Umeå Universitet. Host: Lars-Anders Carlson.