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Olof Lagerlöf

Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow: Neuroscience

Mind-Brain connections of food intake

All of our thoughts and feelings depend on brain activity. How is it that the brain, a mix of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, makes it possible to experience the world around us, realize that we exist and interpret vital signals from the body?

The goal of my laboratory is to eluciate the connection between the brain and the mind. We focus on how the brain encodes those mental states that regulate food intake, primarily hunger and satiation. Our approach is to study feeding behavior, neuronal circuitry and molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity. Connecting molecule with mind, our research will answer fundamental questions of neuroscience and uncover targets to treat disorders associated with unhealthy food intake – help that millions of people need.

If you are interested in our research, send an email to olof.lagerlof@umu.se or visit lagerloflab.com






Latest update: 2022-12-08