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Västerbotten County Council:

Clinical tutors

Clinical tutoring during the dental students´ clinical practice is performed by dentists and dental assistants employed at the County Council of Västerbotten. The university lecturerers at the department of Odontology are responsible for the content in all courses, including the clinical practice. The clinical tutors are thus at the University lectures disposal whey they are working with the dental students. This collaboration follows a mutual agreement (TUA).

Dentist specialist education

The County Councils in Sweden have the responsibility for specialist education in dentistry and medicine. The education and clinical practice is performed according to goals and rules decided by the National Board of Health and Welfare. Senior lecturers at the department of Odontology participate in the education, specifically in theoretical and scientific parts. The education takes at least 3 years. The certificate is issued by the National Board of Health and Welfare. All nine dental specialist's educations are given in Umeå: pedodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, prosthodontics, oral diagnostic radiology, clinical oral physiology, and orofacial medicine. More about the education.

Doctoral studies

Doctoral education involves four years of full-time work, which includes a number of courses and the work on the thesis. The finances for the position as doctoral student for all four years has to be arranged before the admission to doctoral studies can be accepted. The Department of Odontology, Umeå University, have advanced research programs for doctoral studies in different research areas. If you are interested in commencing a doctoral education as a PhD student you should first read the "General curriculum for postgraduate studies in Medical science for doctoral students" from Umeå University http://www.medfak.umu.se/english/education/doctoral-studies/.
Thereafter you can contact the professor responsible for the research of your field of interest. For more information please contact Study counsellor Docent Anders Johansson
Applicants have to provide evidence of English language proficiency and to arrange for financial support for tuition fees, boarding, etc. No university funds are available for this purpose. However, the Swedish Institute, a government financed foundation, offers a limited number of scholarships for advanced studies only, or for research, which cannot be pursued in other countries than Sweden. For further information, please contact the Swedish Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
You need to prove that you are able to fulfil the requirement that the Swedish Migration Board ask for.

Development of skills

The department of Odontology has a number of postgraduate courses for dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians and dental assistants.

Collaboration in research

Clinical researchers at the department of Odontology collaborate with dentist at the Public Dental Health care to achieve evidence based support for clinical practice in prevention as well as in rehabilitation.

Exchange studies

As an undergraduate student at a Dentistry, Dental Hygiene or Dental Technology program, you can apply to become an exchange student and spend an exchange period in Umeå. To become an exchange student, our Faculty have to sign a formal exchange agreement with your University abroad. The Medical Faculty at Umeå University have exchange agreements within Erasmus+.

There are also exchange possibilities within the network Nordplus as well as to arrange exchange studies as a Free Mover.

The student must be nominated as an exchange student and the Department of Odontology has to submit the nomination. You can read about how to proceed an application for exchange studies.

Latest update: 2022-10-28