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Education at Odontology

The Department of Odontology offers basic education, separate courses for continued education, and postgraduate research studies in odontology.

Undergraduate studies

All undergraduate programs at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Odontology, are given in the Swedish language only. Therefore, students from abroad seeking admission to our study program must provide evidence of their proficiency in the Swedish language. The educational programs at the Department of Odontology are the Dentistry program, 300 ECTS credits, Dental Hygiene, 180 ECTS and Dental Technology, 180 ECTS. The students are admitted after an assessment of their grades.

The grades will be assessed by Swedish Council for Higher Education.

You will be able to obtain answers to your questions by filling out the contact and question form.

Or contact;

International Office support

The Swedish Institute offers a small scholarship.

Exchange studies

As an undergraduate student at a Dentistry, Dental Hygiene or Dental Technology program, you can apply to become an exchange student and spend an exchange period in Umeå. To become an exchange student, our Faculty have to sign a formal exchange agreement with your University abroad. The Medical Faculty at Umeå University have exchange agreements within Erasmus+.

There are also exchange possibilities within the network Nordplus as well as to arrange exchange studies as a Free Mover.

The student must be nominated as an exchange student and the Department of Odontology has to submit the nomination. You can read about how to proceed an application for exchange studies.

Dental specialist program

The County Council of Region Västerbotten together with Umeå University offers dental specialist programs with advanced clinical training in all recognized Swedish dental specialties; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontology, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Orofacial Pain and Jaw Function, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Orthodontics and Childhood Dentistry. The programs are entirely given in Swedish.

If you are interested you can contact the professor responsible for the research of your field of interest. For more information please contact Study counsellor Mattias Pettersson


Latest update: 2023-03-22