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Guest Researcher Programme at the Department of Political Science

The goal of the programme is to develop exchange and cooperation between researchers at the department and colleagues from other universities. The purpose of funding such activities is to help support the development of creative research environments, new ideas and innovative projects. Swedish and international researchers are welcome to apply to the programme no later than March 31 (for visits during the fall) and September 30 (for visits during the spring). Please note that there must be an established link to one of the research profiles at the department. The visit should be planned for 1-2 months, but shorter periods of time can also be considered. Funding for travel and accommodation can be applied for.

A guest researcher is expected to present his/her work at the department’s research seminar and participate in other activities organized by the research profile group.

The application must include:

1)      The application form

2)      CV including a list of publications

3)      A short (2-3 pages) description of the planned research

4)      Budget

Questions are answered by the relevant research leader:

Representative democracy – political institutions and parties in Sweden and Europe

Municipalities, regions and public sector activities

Peace and conflict studies

Elisabeth Olivius
Associate professor

Environment and natural resource politics

Educational leadership

Latest update: 2023-10-02