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Environment and natural resource politics

Research group Politics and policy concerning the environment and natural resources are central for a sustainable society. Our research deals with the governance of those issues at different societal levels and with the urban-rural relationships.

By studying the governance and management of complex institutional systems we aim to deepen the understanding of how politics and policy, collaborative engagement and participation could be designed in pursuit of sustainable development. Our empirical focus lies on environment and natural resource governance and management within forests, water, wildlife, nature protection, renewable energy, minerals and mountain areas. Multilevel governance, the low-carbon society, nature's gifts and bioeconomy are prevalent issues in our research.

Our research is pursued in close collaboration with societal actors, and communicated through teaching at basic and advanced university level as well as through outward-reaching activities and engagement in various research and societal organs. Evaluations of environmental policy and systematic reviews add to the direct societal benefit of our research group.

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