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Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine


Anders Själander, professor/chief physician
Andree Wennstig, university lecturer, university lecturer, adjunct
Angelica Johansson, administrator, study

Programme Administrator of the Public Health Programme. Secretary for the Programme council for master programmes in public health (PRPH) and responsible for the administration in Selma. Also working with student support and course administration.

Anita Pettersson-Strömbäck, senior lecturer, adjunct


My name is Anita and I'm a lecturer at the Department of Psychology. I research and teach about working life and health from a psychological perspective.

Anna Lundgren, postgraduate student, university lecturer, university lecturer, adjunct
Anna Myleus, assistant professor / resident physician (absence)

Resident physician in Family Medicine with research about celiac disease. Teacher in family medicine and epidemiology.

Anna Nyfelt, gästlärare, university lecturer, adjunct
Anna Oudin, researcher

Anna Oudin is an epidemiologist and statistician. Her research is about how air pollution and other environmental factors may affect the brain, eg dementia and mental health.

Anna Stenling, postgraduate student (absence)
Anna Westerlund, project assistant (absence), postdoctor
Anna-Karin Hurtig, professor

Main areas of interest: health policy and systems research, infectious disease policy, community based health systems and research training partnerships.

Anne Lindberg, senior lecturer/senior physician
Anneli Ivarsson, professor/chief physician

Professor in Epidemiology and Public Health Sciences. MD with specialist training in Paediatrics and a PhD in Paediatrics.

Annelie Behndig, assistant professor, specialist physician
Annelies Wilder-Smith, professor, visiting

Principal investigator on the EU H2020 research and innovation programme project, Zika Preparedness Latin American Network, ZikaPLAN.

Anni-Maria Pulkki-Brännström, senior research assistant

BA (York), MSc, PhD (Warwick). I research and teach in global health and health economics.

Annika Hagenbjörk, senior research engineer

I work with research in occupational and environmental medicine. Also analysis of NO2 / NOx, trichloramine and ozone.

Barbara Schumann, researcher

Research focus on weather and climate change impacts on human health in Sweden and in low- and middle-income countries.

Bengt Järvholm, professor, senior

My research includes studies of risk of cancer and respiratory diseases and studies in insurance medicine, e.g. if disability pension is good or bad for health.

Bo Carlberg, senior lecturer/senior physician
Christofer Åström, postdoctor

I'm working as a Postdoc doing research on how high temperatures can affect our health and who are most vulnerable. I'm also looking at how this could change as the climate is getting warmer.

Curt Löfgren, senior lecturer (associate professor), senior lecturer, senior
Elisabet Höög, senior research assistant

- Research focus on support structures for development and change, mainly in public organizations

- Grounded in work- and organizational psychology

- Also employed by KI (LIME/MMC)

Elisabet Sonntag-Öström, senior research engineer, senior research assistant
Eva Fhärm, senior lecturer/spec physician comb w o employm
Eva Lagrange, other position, project assistant
Eva Rönmark, professor, adjunct

Adjunct professor at the unit and head of the large research program Obstructive Lung Disease in Northern Sweden studies (OLIN).

Eva Selin, administrator, study

Study Administrator and Study Councelor of the Public Health Programme. Working with student support and course administration.

Evelina Landstedt, senior research assistant

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Health Sciences, currently holding a research fellow position.

Fredrik Norström, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)

Associate Professor in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Lecturer in Biostatistics and Health Economics. Leading a project with a health economic focus.

Frida Jonsson, project assistant, postgraduate student
Göran Lönnberg, statistician

Statistician, Data Scientist at Epidemiology and Global Health, Umea univ, Sweden

Göran Umefjord, senior lecturer (associate professor), senior lecturer, senior
Hans Orru, senior research engineer
Hans Pettersson, researcher

My research focus is to study and improve the working environment. Specifically how noise, cold, and vibrations from machines affects workers' health and how to reduce the risk of illhealth.

Ida Linander, postgraduate student

Ida is a doctoral student in Public Health and connected to Umeå Centre for Gender Research. Ida's thesis concerns experiences of trans-specific healthcare and health among trans people. 

Ina Asklund, research student, university lecturer, adjunct
Ingrid Liljelind, other position, senior lecturer, adjunct
Ingvar Bergdahl, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Point of contact for biobank samples from e.g. the Västerbotten Intervention Project or the Northern Sweden MONICA studies. My own research is e.g. on environmental toxins in humans.

Isabel Goicolea, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research focuses on gender and health systems (especially sexual and reproductive health, violence against women and youth health) and innovative mixed methodologies research.

Joacim Rocklöv, professor

Epidemiologist and a modeller focusing on studying the impacts of climate on health and how climate information can be used for public health prevention.

John Kinsman, researcher

Associate Professor in Global Health. Also serves as Section Editor for Global Health Action, and as Vice Chair of the INDEPTH Network's Social Science Research Working Group.

Jonas Wallvik, senior lecturer/senior physician
Karin Johansson, coordinator, administrative

I am the administrative coordinator at the unit.

My duties consist of staff issues and overall administration at the unit. I also participate in the management team's work.

Karl-Erik Renhorn, coordinator, research

I support and develop the process of application for external research funding, an review draft applications. I also teach research funding application writing.

Klas-Göran Sahlen, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Knut Meidell, university lecturer, university lecturer, adjunct
Kristina Lindblom, administrator, department (absence)

I'm an administrator at the unit of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. In addition, I work within the communication area and with our intranet and our external website.

Kristina Lindvall, senior research assistant

First research ass. PhD in Public Health at Umeå University in 2013. Lecture in Qualitative Methodology and Nutrition. Research on Weight maintenance, Risk communication and Interventions.

Lan Do Thanh, postdoctoral position, postdoctor
Lars Johansson, senior lecturer, adjunct
Lena Mustonen, administrator, department

Website responsible for the external and internal websites, staff directory co-ordinator. Also administrating the publication and research databases.

Lena Maria Nilsson, other position

My main research interest is temporal changes in Arctic lifestyle factors from a food security perspective and as triggers of low-grade inflammation and common uncommunicable diseases.

Linda Sundberg, postdoctor

Linda Richter Sundberg is a post-doctoral researcher in public health. Her research area is in the interface between health psychology and implementation science. 

Mante Hedman, university lecturer, university lecturer, adjunct
Maria Nilsson, researcher

My research is about climate change and health. My main interest is public health interventions, health communication and policy and also tobacco control and prevention.

Maria Nordendahl, university lecturer, adjunct (absence), senior lecturer, adjunct, senior lecturer/spec physician comb w o employm
Maria Wennberg, senior research assistant

Senior research assistent. Leg. dietitian, PhD in Environmental medicine.

Marie Lindkvist, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Mazen Baroudi, postgraduate student

PhD student at the Unit for Epidemiology and Global Health in the field of young migrants' health

Main areas of interest: teaching, supervision and research on socioeconomic inequalities of health and health systems strengthening

Mikael Emsing, postgraduate student

My research is focused on the conflict management training for students at the Police basic training programs, and it's role as a mediating factor for mental health among police officers.

Mikael Lilja, gästlärare, senior lecturer, adjunct
Mona Olofsson, biomedical technician, senior research assistant
Monica Nyström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Nawi Ng, professor

I am a Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health with the main research interest in the ageing population, disability, chronic non-communicable diseases, and surveillance of risk factors. I utilise Swedish register data - the Linnaues Database - which is hosted at Umeå University, as well as global data on ageing and adult health. 

Nikolai Stenfors, senior lecturer/senior physician

Cold Air, Physical Activity, and the Airways Research Program

Ole Suhr, professor, senior
Olov Rolandsson, professor/chief physician

I am Head of Unit, Teacher, Researcher, General Practitioner, and Chair of the Hiring and Docent Board at the Faculty of Medicine, Umeå University. My research focuses on diabetes.

Oskari Uski, senior research assistant
Paola Mosquera Mendez, researcher

Researcher at the Unit of Epidemiology and Global Health

Patrik Wennberg, senior lecturer/spec physician comb w o employm

Associate professor, MD, PhD. Research focused on physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Teaching in family medicine.

Per Gustafsson, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)

I am a teaching and learning researcher with a special interest in all forms of social inequalities in health and health care.

Per Lindqvist, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Pontus Karling, senior lecturer/senior physician
Rachel Nicoll, senior research assistant
Raman Preet, coordinator, research

Dental public health professional with expertise in global health and in coordination & management of health research projects especially European Union funded grants.

Sara Forsberg, coordinator, finance

Financial coordinator, works with budgeting, economic planning and accounting

Stefan Söderberg, professor/chief physician
Thomas Mooe, professor/chief physician
Thorbjörn Lundberg, university lecturer, adjunct
Towe Wadensten, postgraduate student

I am a PhD student in General Medicine and my research revolves around e-health and the treatment of urinary incontinence in connection to the Tä ( project.

Ulrika Järvholm, administrator, department

I work with research education, research administration in various projects, and some web and communication.

Urban Hellman, senior research engineer
Wolfgang Lohr, system developer

Medical data manager

Yingxu Zeng, senior research assistant, postdoctoral position