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Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine

The Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine was formed in 1999 and consists of the following sections; Family Medicine, Sustainable Health and Medicine (here Dermatology and Venereology, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine and Rheumatology are included).

The department is of considerable size and the sections are scattered at various locations within the University Hospital, and there is no common facility for the entire department.

The undergraduate teaching of the department is primarily within the MD-programme. The Master programmes are largely within the Umeå International School of Public Health and in occupational and environmental medicine.

The research performed within the department covers a very wide range of areas. A large number of research groups are present, all with their specific interest areas. However, many collaborative projects exist both within and between the different divisions. In addition, a substantial number of clinicians from the University Hospital are affiliated with the respective divisions. The number of graduate students are around 130 and the number of permanently employed of all categories are around 180.

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Head of the Department

Head of the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Ulf Näslund

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University Hospital,
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Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Umeå University
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