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Public health and health care science

Public health science has an interdisciplinary environment where researchers from all over the world do research to contribute to an equal and sustainable improvement in global health and welfare. Health science includes research in scientific disciplines such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, geriatrics, sports medicine, nursing, radiography, rehabilitation medicine, forensic medicine and sexual and reproductive health.

Areas within Public health and health care science

Public health

Public health is an interdisciplinary discipline that studies human health and well-being related to the envir...

Health care science

Health science is a term for science concerned with health - how it can be promoted, experienced, maintained o...

Latest news

Early high blood pressure risk a long-term risk factor

Data from 1.4 million enlistees show that early high blood pressure increases the risk of future disease.

Healthy aging through proactive measures

A thesis shows that senior meetings and fall prevention training are examples of such measures.

The importance of community for the elderly

Studies in a thesis includes the feeling of community and perceptions of loneliness in a home care context.

Research infrastructures

A research infrastructure under construction which includes a biobank and database for children and young adults in Västerbotten.
Personalised screening, risk prediction, and understanding disease trajectories for early detection of disease - An integrated cohort approach.