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Ageing populations generate a number of challenges for modern welfare states. Research designed to address questions about the process and consequences of age and ageing has increased in recent decades.


Ageing research conducted in our department focuses on older people under the age of 74. Our main areas of inquiry combine questions about social welfare, living conditions, and labour force participation in old age.

Our research relies on both international and national survey data as well as on case studies of specific organisations. Scholars at the department are responsible for the Swedish part of the European survey called SHARE – Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe – and have developed a large national longitudinal database for ageing research (Panel Survey of Ageing and the Elderly, PSAE).

Quantitative and qualitative studies of older workers' attitudes about the timing of retirement, prolonged working life, employers' strategies for retaining older workers, and adjustments of working conditions take place in several large public organisations.

Latest update: 2020-06-18