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Returning home

Before you return home you have to clean the room, remove your personal belongings and return your keys.


Plan your departure based on your contract's end date. Make sure you have your return ticket booked well in time before your departure.

Check-out time

Check-out time is 9:00 in the morning on the last day of your contract, at the latest. 


Before you move out you need to clean out your room properly. Please follow the instructions in the Cleaning checklist and the tutorial cleaning video found below on this web page. Remember to reserve enough time for the cleaning. After you move out from your room a technical and cleaning inspection is carried out within approximately two months after you have left. If you have failed to carry out the cleaning as instructed, you will be charged for the cleaning costs and any other repair costs (minimum fee 500 SEK). We will also contact your coordinator at your home university about the situation, as it is essential for our partnership agreement that you, as an incoming student, fulfill your obligations.

In short:
You need to remove ALL your personal possessions from the room.
ALL surfaces, including walls, furniture, toilet, sink, radiators, skirting-boards and wardrobes have to be wiped off, and you should vacuum and watermop the floor. Leave the room clean and empty except for the mattress, duvet and pillow. Negligence will lead to cleaning charges (minimum fee 500 SEK).


Your keys need to be returned to Infocenter at 9:00 in the morning at the latest on the day of your departure. If you cannot return your keys within office hours, there is a grey postbox nearby the entrance of Aula Nordica with the letters "IHO" on the front - you can return your keys here. They must be in an envelope marked with your full name, and your name only. If your key(s) has not been returned by 9:00 on the day that your contract ends, we might have to change the look to your room and you will be charged for that.

Room cleaning tutorial