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Finding accommodation

A top priority for new students in Umeå is how to secure a place to live. In order to proceed with accommodation arrangements, it is important to understand what type of housing is right for you.

Student Housing through the university

The University offers student housing to exchange students, and tuition fee-paying students studying a full-degree programme that are citizens of countries outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Have you signed a contract for a housing from the University's service?
Read more about your arrival to Umeå here. 

Students who can apply for housing through the university

Exchange students should:

  • Be registered as a student at a university that has a student exchange agreement with Umeå University.
  • Have been nominated for the exchange by your home university.

Tuition fee-paying students are those:

  • That have paid tuition fees to study at Umeå University.
  • Are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Exchange students and degree students outside the EU/EEA can freely choose to find their own place to live, if desired.

How do I apply for housing through the university?

When you have been admitted to studies at Umeå University, you need to create an account (My Pages) in the housing web portal system, and then join the queue. If you are an exchange student the link to My Pages can be found on the last page of your Notification of Selection Results.

Please note that if you are a tuition fee-paying student you will instead receive information from Umeå University with the link. The information is sent out close to the date of the admissions results. If you haven’t received it please contact Infocenter.

Once you have created an account you can start to apply for housing through the Umeå University Accomodation Service. You get one point for each day in the queuing system (1 day = 1 point), so registering as quick as possible will increase your chances of getting accommodation in the area you prefer.

Should there be a large number of applicants, students registered for at least 15 ECTS per semester are prioritized.

Information about our rooms

The university can offer students furnished single-occupancy rooms in student corridors. Our housing stock consists of approximately 500 rooms in different student housing areas off-campus, but within walking distance of the campus. Both Swedish and international students live in the student corridors.

Please note:

  • We cannot guarantee accommodation.
  • We do not have family accommodations, only single occupancy rooms. If more than one person lives in the room, the housing contract will be cancelled.     

Read more about our rooms and what is included. 

Housing information for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens - here are our tips!

If you are not eligible for student housing through Umeå University Accomodation Service, here are a few tips for securing a place to stay.

1. Look for student housing

Generally speaking, it is easier to get accommodation in a corridor (single student room) than for regular apartments. Accommodation in a student corridor is a great way to get to know other students. You'll have your own room with shower and toilet, but share kitchen with others. Many of the student rooms include a simple set of furnishing; a bed, a desk and a bookshelf. Living in a student corridor means you don't have to pay any rent during June and July.

2. Get in the queue line - sign up ASAP!

Whether you want to stay in a dorm room, a student flat or an apartment you should sign up for the Umeå municipality's housing queue (AB Bostaden). The earlier the better, even before you start your application.

Registration is free of charge and the sooner you sign up the better chance to get the accommodation you're looking for.

Please note: Ff you have trouble accessing their website you might need to use VPN. See a tutorial how to create your personal page at Bostaden. 

You can also register with the following landlords who also have student housing. Use Google translate if the page is not in English.

Studentbostäder – K2A

3. Contact private landlords

Many students get their first apartment through one of Umeå's private landlords. A list of private landlords can be found on Umeå Municipality's webpage

4. Check out Facebook

Join the group "Umeå Studentbostad" on Facebook and get news, tips and housing ads in Umeå.

5. Search everywhere

The Internet is a great place to find things. Scan through everything you can find on housing in Umeå - the Swedish site Blocket.se is a good starting point. Choose Västerbotten as county. 

6. Announce your need

Write your own ad and tell others that you are in search of a home. Spread the word in different channels: online, on local billboards and as a newspaper ad.

7. Find more tips on Umeå Municipality's website

Check out Housing for students to get more tips.

Language Aid When Looking for Housing

If you want to search through on-line adds for accommodation, or perhaps place an add yourself, you might need some help understanding the language. The below listed words and expressions should help you to use the search tools on the websites.

First thing to remember is to choose "Västerbotten" as area to look in (the county where Umeå is situated) when searching among online advertisements.

  • Sök = Search
  • Uthyres = Up for rent (offering accommodation)
  • Önskas hyra = Wanting to rent (looking for accommodation)
  • Bostad = Accommodation
  • Hyresrätt = Rent controlled apartment
  • Bostadsrätt = Condominium style apartment
  • Villa = House
  • Radhus = Terraced house
  • Lägenhet = Apartment/Flat
  • Rum = Room
  • 1:a = 1 room apartment with separate kitchen.
  • 2:a = Apartment with one bedroom, one living room and separate kitchen.
  • Boyta = Living area/Size
  • Avgift/Hyra= Fee/Rent (per month)
  • Datum = Date that the add was placed (it is usually no use calling on adds that are older than 3 weeks)

Latest update: 2024-06-17