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English A, Academic Writing, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Engelska A, Academic Writing

This syllabus is valid: 2015-01-05 and until further notice

Course code: 1EN066

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: First cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: English: First cycle, has at least 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: VG Pass with distinction, G Pass, U Fail

Responsible department: Department of Language Studies

Established by: Faculty director of studies, Faculty of arts, 2014-09-19


The course focus is on the analysis and practice of genres and text types.  Included are genre-awareness tasks, written exercises that focus on linguistic elements of English as connected to rhetorical tasks, and analyses of text functions via online group discussions and individual outlining.  Students will compose texts of various rhetorical structures, participate in peer review, revise final drafts, and receive instructor feedback on each text.  Outlining and corpus study are included in the course. Generally students focus on the texts of their own discourse, including the writing of such texts.

Expected learning outcomes

In order to be awarded a 'Pass' grade, the student must be able to
Knowledge and Understanding:
  • demonstrate an understanding of the ways that genre is connected to discourse practices. 
  • demonstrate familiarity with general practices within academic writing and with the ways that rhetorical functions are reflected in English. 
  • demonstrate understanding of  the strategies available comprising the writing process. 
  • demonstrate ability to apply knowledge of academic language features, text structure and methods of text cohesion as connected to various text types and as connected to own discourse community.
  • demonstrate use of writing process strategies through outlining, peer reviewing, composing and revising.
  • demonstrate correct usage of English lexicon, syntax and punctuation.
  • demonstrate the ability to work as a member in an online forum with peer review, including keeping to deadlines and to the intent of the activity. 
Judgment and Approach
  • make informed judgments regarding their own and their peers’ texts in consideration of the rhetorical/genre requirements, the usage of English, and the needs of the reader.

Required Knowledge

Upper Secondary Course: English 6 or English B and at least two semesters (60 ects) of university studies.

As the course is taught entirely in English, an exemption will be made from the general entry requirements for university studies in Sweden, in so far as the upper secondary course Swedish 3 / Swedish B will not be required for admission to this course.

Form of instruction

As this course is entirely net-based, students must have access to a computer in order to be able to complete the course assignments. For information about minimum computer and internet access requirements, please see

Examination modes

Examination occurs via continuous assessment of the students' application of course constructs to their own written texts and to peers’ texts,  including their use of  English syntax, lexicon and punctuation, their performance in online forums and peer reviews and their keeping to deadlines. The examination is based on five hand-in assignments and a summary of one’s own observed weaknesses.

The grades awarded for this course will be “Pass” (Godkänd), “Pass with distinction” (Väl godkänd)  or “Fail” (Underkänd).

Students who do not get a ”Pass” (Godkänd) on the examination on the first occasion will be able to sit the examination again at a later date.

The deadline for handing in papers is generally the occasion of the last lesson, unless otherwise stated.

A student who fails an examination twice has the right to apply to the Board of the Humanities Faculty to have another teacher appointed to grade their next examination paper.
A student who has been accepted for this course can take the examination(s) involved according to the syllabus that was current at the time of their acceptance for up to two years after that syllabus is replaced or the course is discontinued.

Credit transfers
Applications for credit transfers are handled by the Umeå University Student Services Unit (see