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English A, Cultural Studies and Academic Writing, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Engelska A, Kulturstudier och akademiskt skrivande

This syllabus is valid: 2021-02-08 valid to 2022-08-07 (newer version of the syllabus exists)

Course code: 1EN062

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: First cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: English: First cycle, has only upper-secondary level entry requirements

Grading scale: VG Pass with distinction, G Pass, U Fail

Responsible department: Department of Language Studies

Revised by: Director of studies, Department of Language Studies, 2021-02-10


Oral and written language proficiency, academic writing and cultural studies.

Expected learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:
* analyze contemporary texts and products in order to understand and describe cultural values and attitudes.
* demonstrate developed oral language proficiency.
* demonstrate the ability to express themselves in writing with good command of language, with observance of academic writing rules and with a good sense of the relevant level of style.
* give constructive feedback on others' academic texts.

Required Knowledge

Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish Upper Secondary course English 6/English Course B. Knowledge of Swedish is not required.

Form of instruction

Academic Writing  (4.5 hp)

In this module, students acquire awareness of the function of texts in different contexts and through process writing develop competencies with different types of written production. Attendance is mandatory during lessons and for group work. 

Lectures, lessons and group work. 

Module: Academic Writing: Evaluation of submitted written work, 4.5 hp.  

Cultural Studies (3 hp)

In this module, students develop their ability to understand and describe cultural values and attitudes via the analysis of contemporary English-language texts, e.g. newspaper articles and TV programs. The module focuses on developing the students' oral language proficiency. Attendance is mandatory during lessons and for group work. 

Lectures, lessons and group work. 

Module: Cultural Studies: Continual evaluation of the student's performance in group discussions and submitted work, 3hp.

Examination modes

Examination for each module is carried out as described above.

The grades awarded for this course are "Pass" (Godkänd), "Pass with distinction" (Väl godkänd) or "Fail" (Underkänd). To get a grade of "Pass with distinction" (Väl godkänd) in the whole course, the student must have received that grade on a minimum of 4.5 hp. All examination is conducted in English.

Deviations from modes of examination in the course plan can be made for a student who has been determined eligible for pedagogical support due to a disability. Individual adjustments to the mode of examination will be made on the basis of the student's needs. The mode of examination is adjusted in relation to the expected learning outcomes in the course plan. Following a request from the student, the course coordinator, in consultation with the examiner, is to make a quick decision regarding an adjusted mode of examination. The decision is relayed to the student.

A student who is awarded a Pass grade cannot be re-examined.  

A student who has not received a Pass grade on a test has the right to re-take the test (a re-sit). The first re-sit will be arranged no later than two months after the original test, but no earlier than ten working days after the result of the original test has been announced. For tests held in May or June, the first re-sit is to be arranged within three months of the original examination session. The date for the re-sit will be provided, at the latest, in conjunction the original test. At least one additional re-sit will be offered within one year of the original test.

In cases where a test cannot be repeated according to rules in effect regarding re-sits, it will be replaced with another task. The scope and content of such a task should be proportionate to the missed test.

The final date for the submission/completion of assignments falls on the last day of the semester, unless otherwise stated by the teacher. At all examination sessions, tasks and assignments need to be completed and submitted within the time frame set by the teacher in order to be considered for examination. Tasks and assignments submitted late will not be considered for examination, and the student is instead referred to the next examination session.

A student who has failed the original test and the re-sit for a course has the right to have another examiner appointed, unless special circumstances render this inappropriate. A request for this must be submitted to the Board of the Faculty of Arts.

A student who has been accepted for this course can take the examination(s) involved according to the syllabus that was current at the time of their acceptance for up to two years after that syllabus is replaced or the course is discontinued.


Valid from: 2021 week 6

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Bailey Stephen
Academic writing : a handbook for international students
Fifth edition : London : Routledge : [2018] : 312 sidor :
ISBN: 9781138048744
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