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English B, English Linguistics, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Engelska B, Språkvetenskaplig översiktskurs

This syllabus is valid: 2021-07-26 and until further notice

Course code: 1EN076

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: First cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: English: First cycle, has less than 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: Three-grade scale

Responsible department: Department of Language Studies

Revised by: Head of Department of Language Studies, 2021-06-21


The course provides an orientation in English linguistics and linguistic analysis. Basic studies in English language history.

Expected learning outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes 
Upon completion of the course the student will: 

Knowledge and understanding 

  • demonstrate basic linguistic knowledge with a focus on English 
  • demonstrate knowledge of the historical development of the English language with regard to structure and semantics and be able to relate this development to historical and social events 

Competence and skills 

  • demonstrate good command of central English linguistic terminology and the ability to use it in simple linguistic analyses 
  • demonstrate developed and in-depth oral as well as written language skills 

Judgement and approach 

  • demonstrate the ability to search for, compile, analyze and critically interpret material as well as draw conclusions from the analysis and discuss/evaluate these conclusions 

Required Knowledge

Univ: At least 21 ECTS (corresponding to 21 hp at the level 1-30 hp in the Swedish academic system) in English or equivalent knowledge.

Form of instruction

Form of Instruction 

Lessons involve lectures, group exercises and discussion.

Examination modes

Examination Modes 

a) Written examination in English Language History, 2.5 credits. 

b) Written examination in English Linguistics, 5 credits. 

The grades awarded for this course are "Pass" (Godkänd), "Pass with distinction" (Väl godkänd) or "Fail" (Underkänd). A student who is awarded a Pass grade cannot be re-examined. All examination is conducted in English. 

To get a grade of "Pass with distinction" (Väl godkänd) in the whole course, the student must have received that grade on a minimum of 5 hp. 

Deviations from modes of examination in the course plan can be made for a student who has been determined eligible for pedagogical support due to a disability. Individual adjustments to the mode of examination will be made on the basis of the student's needs. The mode of examination is adjusted in relation to the expected learning outcomes in the course plan. Following a request from the student, the course coordinator, in consultation with the examiner, is to make a quick decision regarding an adjusted mode of examination. The decision is relayed to the student. 

For a passing grade for parts that are examined in several parts, it is required that all parts are approved. The following applies: If none of the partial examinations are done or submitted, no grade is given for the part. If any of the partial examinations are not done or submitted, the grade Fail is given on the part, even if the partial examinations that have been completed are passed. 

A student who has not received a Pass grade on a test has the right to re-take the test (a re-sit). The first re-sit will be arranged no later than two months after the original test, but no earlier than ten working days after the result of the original test has been announced. For tests held in May or June, the first re-sit is to be arranged within three months of the original examination session. The date for the re-sit will be provided, at the latest, in conjunction the original test. At least one additional re-sit will be offered within one year of the original test. 

Registration via the student web is required for all written exams. 

In cases where a test cannot be repeated according to rules in effect regarding re-sits, it will be replaced with another task. The scope and content of such a task should be proportionate to the missed test. 

A student who has failed the original test and the re-sit for a course has the right request to have another examiner appointed, unless special circumstances render this inappropriate. A request for this must be submitted to the Director of Studies for the Faculty of Arts. 

A student who has been accepted for this course can take the examination(s) involved according to the syllabus that was current at the time of their acceptance on at least two occasions within a period of up to two years after the first registration occasion. 

Written examinations take place at Umeå University, Campus Umeå.


Valid from: 2021 week 30

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