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Faculty Course: The Imagined Arctic, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Profilkurs: Det föreställda Arktis

This syllabus is valid: 2019-12-30 and until further notice

Course code: 1PK003

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: Second cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: No main field: Second cycle, has only first-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: Three-grade scale

Responsible department: Department of Language Studies

Established by: Faculty director of studies, Faculty of arts, 2019-08-28


The course addresses outside representations of the Arctic in a selection of Anglophone fictional and non-fictional texts from the 19th century until today. Arctic discourses connected to, for example, cold, gendered heroism, madness, and climate change are traced through history, from expedition narratives to the predominantly speculative fiction of today.

Expected learning outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course the student will:

Knowledge and understanding

  • account for and exemplify literary and cultural representations of the Arctic
  • identify discourses connected to the Arctic
  • account for how cultural and historical traditions are expressed in the materials

Competence and skills

  • independently analyze the source materials
  • discuss how discourses connected to the Arctic change over time or remain static
  • relate his or her own findings to relevant research to forward a scholarly argument
  • in writing communicate primary and secondary source analyses at an advanced academic level

Judgement and approach

  • critically evaluate primary sources as expressions of cultural contexts
  • critically evaluate scholarly argumentation

Required Knowledge

one of the following alternatives:
1) Bachelor's degree (180 credits)
2) 90 university credits, of which at least 7,5 credits must come from an independent project, or equivalent qualifications
Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary course English B/6

Form of instruction

Form of instruction
The course is entirely net-based. Access to a computer is necessary to complete the assignments that are part of the course. For information about technical specifications regarding computer equipment and internet access, see  https://www.umu.se/student/sprakstudier/dokument/.

Independent studies and group discussions via the learning platform. The student is expected to actively participate in discussions and complete assigned written tasks. This is to be done within given time frames. The medium of instruction is English and knowledge of Swedish is not required.

Examination modes

Examination consists of assessment of the student's active participation in group discussions, and of individual written assignments. Grades awarded for individual written assignments are Pass with distinction (Väl godkänd), Pass (Godkänd) or Fail (Underkänd). Grades awarded for active participation in group discussions are Pass (Godkänd) or Fail (Underkänd). All examination is conducted in English.

Deviations from modes of examination in the course plan can be made for a student who has been determined eligible for pedagogical support due to a disability. Individual adjustments to the mode of examination will be made on the basis of the student's needs. The mode of examination is adjusted in relation to the expected learning outcomes in the course plan. Following a request from the student, the course coordinator, in consultation with the examiner, is to make a quick decision regarding an adjusted mode of examination. The decision is relayed to the student.

A student who is awarded a Pass grade cannot be re-examined.  

A student who has not received a Pass grade on a test has the right to re-take the test (a re-sit). The first re-sit will be arranged no later than two months after the original test, but no earlier than ten working days after the result of the original test has been announced. For tests held in May or June, the first re-sit is to be arranged within three months of the original examination session. The date for the re-sit will be provided, at the latest, in conjunction the original test.

In cases where a test cannot be repeated according to rules in effect regarding re-sits, it will be replaced with another task. The scope and content of such a task should be proportionate to the missed test.

A student who has failed the original test and the re-sit for a course has the right to have another examiner appointed, unless special circumstances render this inappropriate. A request for this must be submitted to the Board of the Faculty of Arts.

Possibilities for supplementary qualification to achieve the Pass grade can, following a decision made by the examiner, be given to a student who does not entirely meet the examination requirements but is close to a Pass grade. A supplementary examination is to be individually adjusted to the goal(s) that the student has not met, and is to be arranged no later than two weeks after the result of the original test has been announced, but before the next examination session. Supplementary qualification can only raise a Fail grade to a Pass grade; supplementary qualification for a higher grade is not allowed.   

The final date for the submission/completion of assignments falls on the last day of the semester, unless otherwise stated by the teacher. At all examination sessions, tasks and assignments need to be completed and submitted within the time frame set by the teacher in order to be considered for examination. Tasks and assignments submitted late will not be considered for examination, and the student is instead referred to the next examination session.

Transfer of credits
Applications for transfer of credits must be approved by the Student Services/Degree Evaluation Office. See https://www.umu.se/en/student/my-studies/transfer-of-credits/


Valid from: 2020 week 4

Course literature

Maclean Alistair
Night without end
Harper Collins Pb : 1986 : 384 sidor :
ISBN: 9780006161226
Search the University Library catalogue

Paver Michelle.
Dark Matter : [a ghost story]
2011 : 256, 24 pages :
ISBN: 9781409121183
Search the University Library catalogue

Minds of winter
[S.l.] : RIVERRUN : 2017 : 480 pages :
ISBN: 1780871740
Search the University Library catalogue

Articles, book chapteras, short stories and poetry, appoximately 300 pages. Mandatory.