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Gender and work, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Genus och arbete

This syllabus is valid: 2020-09-07 and until further notice

Course code: 2KC031

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: Second cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: Gender Studies: Second cycle, has only first-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: VG Pass with distinction, G Pass, U Fail

Responsible department: Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)

Revised by: Director of Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS), 2020-06-10


This course introduces the area of gender and work. The relation between production and reproduction is explored over time, as well as the processes of inclusion and exclusion in the labour market. Dealing with issues such as the historical and intersectional dimension of welfare politics, activation policies, migration and care work the course explores how gender and other structuring categories relate to reproductive and productive practices. What is work? How do norms of wage work govern the ideas of equality and welfare? What are global care chains and how do they emerge? How come unequal conditions are maintained and reinforced in family and work organizations and how can these be challenged? The course is divided into three broad themes: 1) Gender and Rights in and through labour over time; 2) Gendered Dilemmas: Work inside/outside the Labour Market; 3) Care work, gender and migration.

Expected learning outcomes

Having completed the course, the students are expected to have the ability to:

Knowledge and understanding
After the course, the student is expected to:
  • understand and explain how production and reproduction, paid and unpaid work relate to each other, and to gender, age, class, race/ethnicity, and sexuality 
  • understand the historical emergence of work-related rights and of the segregated labour market
  • understand domestic work migrations related to home and care work, and the development of global care chains. 
Skills and Abilities
After completing the course, the students shall:
  • account for and relate independently to central perspectives, dividing lines, concepts and themes concerning gender, work and migration.
  • independently and critically reflect on power relations in and outside the labour market.
Judgement and approach
Upon completion of the course, the student shall:
  • orally and in writing present independent analysis on the relation between production and reproduction. 

Required Knowledge

To be admitted to the course applicants must have completed three semesters of full time studies, equivalent to 90 ECTS, of which at least 15 ECTS must be an independent project or four semesters of full time studies equivalent to 120 ECTS.

English proficiency equivalent to English A from Swedish Upper secondary education.

Form of instruction

The course is a full-time on-line course in English. The course is taught entirely through an electronic Learning Management System where the student takes part in lectures, mandatory assignments and other learning activities. The studies are characterized by a high degree of independent and active search for knowledge, and critical reflection, both individually and in groups.

Examination modes

Examination takes place through fulfilment of two parts:
1) Mandatory assignments during the course
2) Individual written assignment.
For part 1 the grades are Fail (U) or Pass (G). For part 2, as well as for the whole course, the grades are Fail (U), Pass (G) and Pass with Distinction (VG). The grade for the whole course in based on the examination of part 2. The whole course is not graded until part 1 is fulfilled.

Other regulations

Students have the right to apply to have a previous education or experience evaluated for transfer of credits. For more
information, see:


Valid from: 2020 week 27

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Reading instructions:

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Reading instructions:

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