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Milestones in Nordic History, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Milstolpar i nordisk historia

This syllabus is valid: 2020-03-09 and until further notice

Course code: 1HI077

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: First cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: No main field: First cycle, has only upper-secondary level entry requirements

Grading scale: VG Pass with distinction, G Pass, U Fail

Established by: Faculty director of studies, Faculty of arts, 2020-03-12


During this course we will focus on important themes in Nordic History: the development of the Danish and Swedish protestant states, the consequences of the Napoleonic period, the coming of nationalism and new identities in the nineteenth century, the development of the Welfare State, the Nordic Countries and the Second World war and finally Minorities in the Nordic Countries.

Expected learning outcomes

After completing the course the student should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding:
* the student must have an overall knowledge of the milestones in the history of the Nordic countries
* the student shall be able to discuss important social, political and cultural changes in the Nordic countries 

Skills and abilities:
* the student shall be able to discuss living conditions among people from a class, ethnic and gender perspective 

Judgement and approach:
* individually or in groups summarize, discuss and present topic-relevant problems that are dealt with during lectures, presentations and in texts.

Required Knowledge

General entry requirements

Form of instruction

The course is held in English. Teaching consists of lectures, seminars, group exercises, and individual work. When attendance at lectures or exercises is compulsory, that is, of the examining nature, it is specifically stated in the schedule. In case of absence on a compulsory occasion, supplementary information is provided by the teacher.

Examination modes

The course is examined continuously through assignments, participation in mandatory seminars, and individual exams. Group assignments and seminars are graded with graded with Pass (Godkänd) or Fail (Underkänd). Individual essays (final exam) are graded with Pass with distinction (Välgodkänd), Pass (Godkänd) and Fail (Underkänd). To pass the course (min. grade G) all mandatory parts are required, and the individual essay must have received the grade G. To receive Pass with distinction (VG) for the course all mandatory parts are required (grade G) , and the individual essay must have received the grade VG. Grades are set by the Faculty of Humanities' appointed examiner.
Each module with a final examination has five examination opportunities. Students who have not received a passing grade after the first examination have the right to a second examination opportunity within two months. The third and fourth opportunities will be when the course is held again, and the fifth opportunity will be the next time the course is offered. Registered students have the right to be examined up to two years after their first registration date.

Other regulations

In a degree, this course may not be included together with another course with similar content. In case of uncertainty, the student should consult Director of Studies at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies.


Valid from: 2020 week 10

Nordic narratives of the Second World War : national historiographies revisited
Stenius Henrik, Österberg Mirja, Östling Johan
Lund : Nordic Academic Press : 2011 : 173 s. :
ISBN: 978-91-85509-49-2 (inb.)
Search Album, the University Library catalogue

A concise history of Sweden from the Viking Age to the present
First edition : Lund : Studentlitteratur : [2018] : 229 sidor :
ISBN: 9789144104973
Search Album, the University Library catalogue

Democracy and the welfare state : the Nordic nations since 1800
Ingvaldsen Siri, Larsson Thomas, Overgaard Pedersen Erik, Harkness Ian, Nordskog Susan
1. udg. : Solna : Turbine : 2009 : 214 s. :
ISBN: 978-91-85787-56-2
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