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Key dates and deadlines

When can I send in my application? What's the deadline? When will I receive my Notification of Selection Results? These are common questions students have regarding admissions. Here you will also find information about the academic calendar at Umeå University.

Two admission rounds

There are two admission rounds for you to apply to, with different dates and deadlines.

We recommend all international students to apply to the First (main) admission round listed below. This round takes place many months before the start of a semester and gives you the time you need to pay your tuition fees (if you are a citizen outside EU/EEA or Switzerland), apply for and receive your residence permit (if required), find housing, etc.

The later/second application round: primarily for Swedish residents and EU/EEA citizens

The Second admission round (15 March–15 April for studies commencing in autumn; 15 September–15 October for studies commencing in spring) is an alternative for students from EU/EEA countries (European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland) as they do not need a residence permit to study in Sweden. Non-EU/EEA citizens will most likely not have enough time to obtain their permit before the start of the semester if they apply in the second applicatoin round.

However, if you are an EU/EEA citizen, you are also strongly advised to apply to the First admission round, as some programmes can be applied for only in the First round. Also, this provides you with an admission decision much earlier, which is helpful in making decisions about your studies. 

Applying in the second application round should be avoided, even if you are an EU/EEA citizen. If you missed the application deadline in the first application round and still wish to apply, it can only be done at the national application website for Swedish students www.antagning.se. Once you have found the programme there, you can follow the same steps as when you apply in the international application round. This website is not available in English.

Things to consider if you are applying in the second admission round:

  • Admissions results are published in July, or approximately six weeks before the start of the autumn semester. 
  • You will have a limited amount of time to arrange with practical matters, such as findind housing, planning your travels, registering for your classes, insurances, and much more.

Key application dates spring semester 2024

First application round opens: 1 June 2023
Application deadline: 15 August 2023
Application fee deadline 1 September 2023
Supporting documentation deadline: 1 September 2023
Admission results published: 20 October 2023 (Master's level), 6 October 2023 (Bachelor's level)

Note: There are only two master's degree programmes that have admission for the spring semester. All international degree programmes at Umeå University have admission for the autumn semester (starting in late August or early September).

Dates are subject to change. There are separate dates for master's and bachelor's, and for the two admissions rounds.

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Key application dates autumn semester 2024

First application round opens: 16 October 2023
Application deadline: 15 January 2024
Supporting documents deadline: 1 February 2024
Application fee deadline (if required): 1 February 2024
Admission results published (Master's): late March 2024
Admission results published (Bachelor's): early April 2024 

There are separate dates for master's and bachelor's, and for the two admissions rounds.

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Please note that the application deadline for this programme starting autumn 2024 is 1 March 2024:

Academic calendar at Umeå University

The academic calendar at Umeå University is divided into two terms (semesters). The autumn term normally begins in the beginning of September and ends in the middle of January. The spring term begins in the middle of January and ends early in June.

Academic calendar

Latest update: 2023-06-10