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Late applications

Applying late and the late arrival of study documents can jeopardise your chances of being accepted and obtaining a Swedish residence permit. Please try and meet the deadlines if possible.

What is a late application?

An application can be considered late due to one of the following reasons:

  • The application is made after the application deadline.
  • The application is made on time but the supporting documents do not arrive until after the stated deadline.
  • The application is made on time but the application fee is paid after the stated deadline.
  • The application is made on time but the documents that confirm that you do not need to pay the application fee arrive after the stated deadline.

Late application means late in processing

The applications that have been made on time will be processed first and the late applications after. This means that if you make a late application, all the applications that are made on time will be processed before your application.

In the event that there are fewer seats available to a course/study programme than eligible applicants, on-time applicants will be admitted first regardless of credentials.

When you make a late application you do not compete with your credentials, you compete with the date you made your application. This means that you do not have the same chances to be accepted as the applicants that have applied on time.

Late applicants are processed thereafter by the principle "first-come-first-served".

About applying late if you need a residence permit

It takes some time to obtain a residence permit, and before you can apply you must have been accepted for fulltime studies in Sweden. The process of obtaining a residence permit may jeopardise your chances of arriving in time for the course start. If you need a residence permit before you may enter Sweden, we do not recommend that you apply later than three months ahead of course start, and that you only apply in the early admission rounds (15 January and 15th August).