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Researchers in Entrepreneurship

Presentations of some of our researchers in the area of Entrepreneurship

Sujith Nair

Docent in Business Administration.

What is your your research about?

My research has concentrated on studying ecosystems; with entrepreneurial ecosystems, I have focused on new venture creation support systems, their mechanisms, failure management, and value creation processes, and impact. My research interests also span innovation ecosystems, their formation, and the role of entrepreneurial innovators in the innovation process. The empirical contexts of research interests include business incubation and acceleration, hackathons, the new modes of transportation, the energy, and the space industry.

My research has been published in journals such as Technology analysis and strategic management, Energy policy and Management decision.


Tatbeeq Raza Ullah

Assistant Professor of Management.

What is your your research about?

My research broadly focuses on interfirm coopetitive  relationships in which firms compete and cooperate simultaneously for undertaking complex, risky, and highly innovative projects. More specifically, my research uncovers the nature, consequences, and management of paradoxical tensions inherent in such relationships, trust and distrust dynamics, and the role of TMT diversity.

My work has been published in journals such as Long Range Planning, Industrial Marketing Management, and European Management Journal.


Herman Stål

Coordinator for the Master program, the entrepreneurship section and also the research leader for RiseB, the Research Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Business.

What is your your research about?

I teach and research on sustainability in entrepreneurship and innovation, related to for instance climate change, circular economy and Swedish fashion. Several of my articles deal with corporate attempts to make their business models more sustainable.

My research has been published in journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Sustainable Development and European Management Journal.


Zsuzsanna Vincze

Docent in Business Administration and International Business.

What is your your research about?

In my research I focus on internationalization processes and international business strategies; M&A. Among other high-profile acquisitions, the internationalization of emerging market multinationals specifically interests me; how they make investments in competitive catch-up through learning and capability upgrading. The other area of my research concentrates on development and transformation of various innovation networks; industry clusters and innovation ecosystems.

My work has been published in journals such as Competitiveness Review and Thunderbird International Business Review, Industrial Marketing Management and as chapters in books.