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Choose between three profiles

The Master’s programme in Chemistry offers three different profiles, environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry and protein chemistry. The profiles match the strong research at the Department of Chemistry and all tuition is given in close proximity to this research.

Environmental Chemistry Profile

The profile in Environmental Chemistry covers most environmental chemical topics and provides a deeper understanding of organic and inorganic environmental pollutants' occurrence, origin and processes affecting them in biota, soil, air and water, such as transport, distribution, transformation and availability. The training primarily focuses on advanced methodologies for chemical analysis and modelling of environmental chemical and biogeochemical processes. The department has many strong research groups in the field focusing on for example, development of trace speciation analysis and fate and process understanding studies on molecular level of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and persistent organic pollutants.

Medicinal Chemistry

The profile in Medicinal Chemistry provides in-depth knowledge of biologically active compounds at a molecular level. Emphasis is placed on drug discovery and development, but the programme also addresses bioactive compounds in general. The profile has a profound focus on connecting theory with experimental work and has a clear link to ongoing biological chemistry research. Umeå University has an active research profile in biological chemistry with several research groups addressing medicinal chemistry regarding, for example, viral infections, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Protein Chemistry Profile

The profile in Protein Chemistry is focused on in-depth studies of key life molecules. Fundamental questions addressed in this programme are; how do proteins function in biological processes and why does their malfunction cause diseases? Courses range from fundamental aspects of protein structure and function, including modern biochemical and biophysical approaches, and modern concepts for elucidating proteins as important drug targets for pharmaceutical research, which are essential for developing treatments of many common diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's decease.

Latest update: 2023-01-12