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Samielle Drake

Master's Programme in Economics, 1st year.

Where are you from?

I’m a true Umeå native - born and raised. I have, however, lived in Stockholm for a few years!

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, with a major in Economics, from Umeå University. I’m currently a first year student of the Master’s programme in Economics here in Umeå.

Why did you choose the Master’s Programme here at Umeå University?

My two main reasons for choosing the masters in Umeå were:

  1. The Economics department
  2. The high standard of the education.

The Economics department here in Umeå University is something truly special! The size of the department allows a fun and informal yet professional student-faculty connection, which is something quite rare from what I’ve understand from friends at other universities and/or programmes.

I would say that level of standard of the courses at the Economics department are very high, and you learn a lot in very limited time! The teachers feels genuinely interested in teaching as well as in the students academic development. The time spent studying here feels like an investment!

What do you like most about the programme?

One of my favorite aspects of the programme is the combination of both general and deep knowledge, due to the layout of the mandatory courses within the programme as well as the opportunity to choose a specialization for the third semester.

The learning curve is steep from day one, but It is 100% worth it! You will learn so much while having fun, networking and getting to know friends for life.

What is best with Umeå?

I’m a bit bias, but I love everything about Umeå! As a student, you have everything you need in Umeå - great new friends, pubs, a centralized campus, engaged teachers, excellent gyms, culture, beautiful nature, great public transport as well as long distance transports!

On a more personal note: I love the warm summer nights the most here in Norrland, as the sun never sets!

Do you have any advice to students thinking about coming here to study?

My number one advice is to register for housing as soon as possible, as living close to campus is very popular and some areas require a more proactive approach.