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Master thesis

Doing a master thesis gives you a possibility to apply the knowledge that you have gained during the programme and to develop a deeper understanding and specialization within a chosen area.

Thesis work, 15 credits

The one year programme comprises two semesters. In the later part of the second semester, time is set aside for thesis work, which gives 15 credits.

Supervisor appointed for you

You will have a supervisor appointed for you and you will be given the opportunity to discuss your thesis in a seminar.

Thesis being written on the programme

The planning for thesis work starts during the first semester of the programme. You will have several opportunities to discuss the choice of thesis topic.

Requirements for receiving a passing degree

The formal requirements for receiving a passing degree on the thesis are:

  • a thesis that is approved both by the supervisor and the examiner on the thesis course
  • an oral defense of the thesis at a seminar where the defense is approved by the moderator of the seminar
  • an opposition on another student's thesis where the opposition is approved by the moderator on the seminar