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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 7 May 2021)


Study guidance

If you are looking to start studying or already are a student, the university provides study guidance and counselling.

Due to COVID-19, all contact with our study counsellors will be held remotely. More information regarding this below.

Contact by telephone, digital drop-in in Zoom, or via the contact form

The study counsellors at the Student Services will help you sort out your immediate questions during a brief conversation by telephone or through video call in Zoom. You can also write your questions in the contact form below.  

When connecting to drop-in you will be placed in the waiting room, and we will help you as soon as possible. If the message “The meeting has been locked by host” would occur, it is because the queue is too long. Please try again during our next drop-in hours or call us during the telephone hours.

Telephone hours

Monday-Thursday 13:00-14:00

Call us at +46 90 786 72 70

Drop-in hours in Zoom

Tuesdays and Thursdays 14:00-15:00

Connect to drop-in

During 3 May – 3 June a trainee from the Study Counsellor Programme will participate during the drop-in hours.

Closed all holidays, weekends and days between a holiday and a weekend.

Closed on the following dates:

- Thursday 13 May 

- Tuesday 1 June 

- Thursday 10 June 

Book an appointment

To book an appointment with a study counsellor at the Student Services please visit our booking site. It is in Swedish, so you may need to use a translating tool. You can choose between a 15 or 45 minute long appointment, depending on your needs.

Note that you can book appointments no longer than 30 days in advance. If you can’t see any available appointments, it means we are fully booked. Available appointments are released continuously and due to cancellations sometimes at short notice.

Book appointment here

To contact study counsellors at the departments please use the staff directory.


There are currently no upcoming events for this area. Do you want to see upcoming events for the entire university? Go to our calendar.

A study counsellor can help you with

  • information about studies offered at Umeå University
  • information about eligibility and admission procedures
  • individual guidance for you to be able to plan your future studies

Study counsellors for programmes and courses

If you have any questions about a degree programme or a single-subject course in your specific field of study, you are welcome to contact the study advisor in your department.

A study advisor provides more detailed information and guidance in relation to the department's own degree programmes and single-subject courses. For example, course selections within a programme, the course literature, exams, and options after studying a certain programme.

These study advisors are presented under "Contact Information" for each course or programme in the on-line catalogue (Master Programmes, Undergraduate Programmes and Courses).

Contact form

Your message is sent to Infocenter at Umeå University. They will pass your message on to the person concerned. Please check your junk mail, to make sure you get our e-mail response. We have discovered that our e-mails sometimes get stuck in the anti-spam filter.

Please be aware that the University is a public authority and that what you write here can be included in an official document. Therefore, be careful if you are writing about sensitive or personal matters in this contact form. If you have such an enquiry, please call us instead. All data will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Few available appointments

At the moment, there are few available appointments. If it’s not possible to make an appointment, please contact us by phone, digital drop-in hours or by sending us your question using the contact form below.