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Nursing Care in Different Phases of Life II, 22.5 Credits

Swedish name: Omvårdnad i olika livsfaser del II

This syllabus is valid: 2020-08-03 and until further notice

Course code: 3OM336

Credit points: 22.5

Education level: First cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: Nursing: First cycle, has at least 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: Two-grade scale

Responsible department: Department of Nursing

Revised by: Programme Council for nursing education, 2020-02-27


This course comprises psychiatric nursing, commonly occurring mental illness among adults and legislation in psychiatric care. The course's content and equality in care are problematised from an intersectional perspective. The course contains three periods of internship (VFU), four weeks each. The internship periods are accomplished in primary care, as well as psychiatric care and somatic care. All three internship periods include practising, identifying and supporting the individual, the patient and the relatives' resources. During internship the students shall, based on the nursing process and current laws and regulations with a person-centred and patient-safe approach, independently under supervision identify needs related to mental and somatic illness. Based on this, the nursing is planned, implemented, evaluated and documented.

During each internship, opportunities are provided to, with a person-centred and patient-safe approach independently under supervision practice the nursing process. In addition, VFU in psychiatric nursing gives the opportunity to train relationship creation and communication. Internship in somatic inpatient care provides the possibility to practise patient-safe care and optimization of health through nursing planning and documentation. Internship within primary care, including the child health centre, gives opportunities to train prevention, support and education. In connection with internship, two professional supervision in nursing (YHiO) occasions will be held.

Expected learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student shall be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  • present an account of nursing, functional assessment, treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and prevention related to mental and somatic illnesses
  • present an account of current legislation in psychiatric care

Skills and abilities

  • based on the nursing process and current laws and regulations, independently conduct a risk assessment, identify patients' and relatives' resources and needs related to mental and somatic illness
  • based on the nursing process and applicable laws and regulations, with a person-centred and patient-safe approach independently plan, implement, evaluate and document nursing and independently act in interprofessional teams and with other care providers
  • provide health support, support in lifestyle changes and provide self-care advice based on a prescription and own assessment
  • demonstrate clinical skills in a patient-safe manner

Judgement and approach

  • identify and reflect on ethical problems and in connection with care of a patient with mental and somatic illness
  • analyse and reflect on the organisation's and the care environment's significance to the quality of nursing
  • behave in a professional and respectful manner in connection with care and treatment
  • analyse needs for own knowledge development and evaluate the significance of one's own approach in nursing

Required Knowledge

Admission requirements to the course are, passing courses in semesters 1-2 and conducted (mandatory parts) of the course in semester 3, including passing internship (VFU).

Form of instruction

A student-active learning is applied that is characterised by knowledge-seeking, problem solving and reflection. A problematised approach permeates the course. The working methods vary between individual work, work in study groups, seminars, lectures and internship. Internship is done in psychiatric care, primary care and somatic inpatient care in the department's/faculty's agreement areas, where guaranteed admission can be provided. Mandatory parts in the course are professional supervision in nursing (YHiO) and tasks in each VFU-period.

Some teaching and literature may be in English. The course will offer international exchange opportunities.

The online elements require access to a computer with an Internet connection of 2.0 Mbit/s or higher in both directions, a USB headset with a microphone and a web camera. A fixed connection is preferred. Internet access can be via networks in a campus, local learning centre or library.

For distance students, in addition to VFU, there is no gathering in the study location.

Examination modes

A two-grade grading scale applies: pass (G) and fail (U).

The course is examined in the form of an individual web-based exam and group seminars where the student's individual performance is assessed based on set criteria. During the three VFU periods, separate grades are set based on knowledge, skills and approach.
To pass (G) the whole course, a pass must be obtained in all examinations, and mandatory parts must be conducted. A student who has failed twice has the right to request that the Programme Council provide another examiner.
A student who has failed an internship will be offered one new internship equivalent to the failed internship in terms of duration and content. A retake of failed internship is done during an interruption of studies. A student who discontinues his or her placement in advance on his or her own initiative can be given the grade fail (U).

During internship, there are requirements for a professional approach, including clothing and hygiene, which must be complied in accordance with the directives of the receiving unit.

The responsible examiner has the right to, in consultation with the supervisor involved, decide to fail a student during on-going internship in case he or she demonstrates such deficiencies in knowledge, skills or approach that they, individually or in combination, entail a tangible risk that the student during internship may harm another person physically or mentally. The student then prematurely discontinues his or her internship and receives the grade fail (U) in the course in question. The internship period is thereby expended.
In connection with such a decision, an individual development plan shall be established by the examiner in consultation with the student. The development plan shall state what knowledge, skills and approaches the student needs to acquire to be permitted to resume the internship and a point in time at which a check of this shall take place. The student is entitled to two such checking occasions per year. However, the number of such checking occasions shall not exceed more than four unless special reason exists. If the student at such a checking occasion demonstrates that he or she has acquired the knowledge, skills and approaches that the development plan indicates, the student shall be entitled to implement a new period of internship on condition that the student has not expended his or her internship occasions.

Deviations from the syllabus examination format are possible for a student who has been granted a teaching support decision due to a disability. An individual adaptation of the examination format should be considered based on the student's needs. The examination format is adapted within the framework of the expected syllabus study result. At the request of the student, the teacher in charge of the course must, in consultation with the examiner, decide promptly on the adapted examination format. The decision must then be communicated to the student.

Credit transfer
Students can apply for a credit transfer in respect of the entire or a part of the course based on previously completed education or professional activities. Rejections of credit transfer applications in whole or in part must be justified in writing. Appeals against rejections of credit transfer applications should be submitted to the Higher Education Appeals Board. For more information, please contact Studentcentrum/Examina.

Other regulations

For further information, please see the regulations at Umeå University.


Valid from: 2020 week 31

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