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History of Architecture 3, 4 Credits

Swedish name: Arkitekturhistoria 3

This syllabus is valid: 2017-08-28 valid to 2024-08-25 (newer version of the syllabus exists)

Course code: 5AR302

Credit points: 4

Education level: First cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: Architecture: First cycle, has at least 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: Two-grade scale

Responsible department: Umeå School of Architecture

Established by: Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 2017-08-04


The course aims at investigating the historical transformations and urgency of large urban structures, the megalopolis, by reflecting upon politics, economy, religion and culture as drivers. The gained knowledge will be a base for analysing and communicating the history of a specific local urban settlement.

Expected learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • analyse the historical transformations in large urban structures
  • reflect upon the impact of politics, economy, religion and culture on the megalopolis
  • communicate and analyse consequences of historical influences on an urban environment

Required Knowledge

To qualify for this course the following courses (or comparable courses) are required:
5AR204: Architecture Project 2:2 (15 credits)
5AR205: Architectural Technology 2:2 (4 credits)
5AR206: History of Architecture 2:2 (3 credits)
5AR207: Urban Planning 1 (6 credits)
5AR208: Theory of Architecture 2:2 (2 hp)

Form of instruction

The teaching consists of lectures, seminars and independent work, both individually and in groups.

Examination modes

The course is examined through seminars and an individual written assignment.
The grades Pass (G) and Fail (U) are used. To pass the course, all examinations and mandatory modules need to be completed and assigned a pass grade. To pass requires attendance at seminars and a Pass grade on the oral and written assessments.
Further examinations will be arranged for students who did not pass the regular examination. A student who has failed two consecutive examinations has the right to get another examiner, unless specific reasons arise (HF Ch. 6 § 22). Requests for another examiner are submitted to the head of department at Umeå School of Architecture.

Academic Credit Transfer
Students have the right to request that previous studies, or equivalent knowledge and skills acquired in a professional, work-related capacity, be validated and transferred into credits on an equivalent course or programme at Umeå University. Applications for credit transfer should be addressed to Student Services/Degree Evaluation Office. More information can be found at the Umeå University student web site (www.student.umu.se/english) and in Chapter 6 of the Higher Education Ordinance. Appeals may be made to the Higher Education Appeals Board (ÖNH) against a decision by the university not to approve an application for credit transfer (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 12), even in cases where only a part of the application has been rejected.

Other regulations

Reexaminations based on the same curriculum are guaranteed within two years after the first course registration.


Valid from: 2020 week 30

Gottmann Jean
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Reading instructions: 'Introduction', pp. 3-16. Remaning pages are recommended but not mandatory.

Small, medium, large, extra-large : Office for Metropolitan Architecture
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2. ed. : New York : Monacelli Press : 1998 : xxi, [1], 1344 s. :
ISBN: 1885254865
Search the University Library catalogue
Reading instructions: 'The Generic City', pp. 1247-1263, 1994.

Man's role in changing the face of the earth
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Reading instructions: Mumford, Lewis, 'The Natural History of Urbanization'

Megalopolis: the giant city in history
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ISBN: 0-333-53201-5
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ISBN: 0124555705
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Included in:
Town planning review
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A visual history of the future

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Included in:
Town planning review
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Included in:
Geographical review
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