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Mark Carrigan, Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge

DIGZOOM: Mark Carrigan

Time Thursday 22 April, 2021 at 15:00 - 16:30
Place Zoom

DIGZOOM seminar with Mark Carrigan:

Post-Pandemic Scholarship: Some Initial Thoughts

Are we all digital scholars now? Social distancing has normalised digital scholarship within higher education to an unprecedented degree, as what was called a decade ago ‘the coming social media revolution in the academy’ has now come to pass due to the disruption brought about by COVID-19 and associated public health responses. However, the radically mundane nature of our reliance on digital platforms under these conditions raises questions concerning scholarship which are at risk of being overlooked due to the time, energy and resources being consumed by remote teaching.

I argue that a renewed reflexivity concerning knowledge production is essential under these conditions, orientated towards the development and maintenance of a social infrastructure for scholarship which shifts the burden of labour from individuals and collectives. I develop this argument through a reflection on the first six months of the Post-Pandemic University: an online magazine, podcast hub and event series supporting dialogue about how the university will be changed by this crisis.

Mark Carrigan
Mark Carrigan is a Digital Sociologist based in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge, where he leads activities within the Culture, Politics and Global Justice research cluster and works as an embedded researcher within the Digital Learning Working Group. He currently directs the Post-Pandemic University project which is an international network comprising an online magazine, podcast hub and conference series.

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