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Centre for Digital Social Research

DIGSUM is a research centre for studying the relationship between digital technology and society. We approach this area drawing on expertise from fields such as Sociology, Informatics, Education, Gender Studies, Law, and Economics.

Digital social research

New technologies, data and algorithms have an impact on every aspect of our social lives: Politics, education, health care, law, criminal justice, business, employment, work life, the media, and so on. In many cases, the social and cultural transformations are more far-reaching than the merely technological ones.

DIGSUM sits at the center of the challenges and opportunities that this offers for the social sciences. We believe that digital social research must be based on multidisciplinarity, alongside creative combinations of qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods.

AI and Society

As artificial intelligence systems are applied to a growing number of societal arenas, they influence significant aspects of the social lives of humans. DIGSUM works to promote and develop social science research in this area at Umeå University.

Our AI and society group operates, through a number of projects, to develop research that will help ensure that future artificial intelligence and autonomous systems will be more sensitive to the complex social domains where they are used.

Research groups

AI and society
DIGSUM's group for AI and society is focused on analysing and understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence and autonomous...
Applied Research in Digital Practices in Education
The research group's (U-GARD) work takes its starting point in the group members’ joint research interests in digital practices existing both outsi...
Research area: Educational sciences, Pedagogy
Design Informatics
Design Informatics is a research program at the Department of Informatics, Umeå University.
Research area: Informatics
Digital Law
This research group work in different ways with the nexus between legal rights and technological innovations.
Research area: Law
Digital Sociology
In this research group, we study how people's use of digital technology affects identities, institutions, behavior and social structures. We are...
Learning and ICT
Today Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is abundantly present in Swedish society and its pedagogics. Schools, universities, police and...
Research area: Pedagogy
Mental health and the digital realm
This research group at the Department of Social Work studies different aspects of mental health and the digital realm.
Swedish Center for Digital Innovation
Within this research centre studies are conducted on digitalization and digital innovation within the industry and public sectors.