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Film Friday

Film Friday Seminar Series: ColorByCarl

Time Friday 17 May, 2024 at 15:00 - 17:00
Place Humlab

Welcome to this session of our Film Friday seminar series, where we delve into the moving image as both a method and source material, nestled at the intersection of art and research. This session we have Carl Hamnede, behind the YouTube channel ColorByCarl, as our guest.

Since 2020, Carl has been experimenting with AI-retouched films, focusing primarily on Swedish cinema from the era preceding World War II. Through his personal enterprise, Carl has extended his expertise to professionally colorize historical film material and photographs for museums and television documentaries.

His YouTube project is a venture which melds history and cutting-edge technology. During the session, Carl will share insights into his unique work process and the valuable lessons learned throughout his journey.

We will be screening shorter film clips, approximately 45 minutes in total, showcasing the kind of AI-retouched work Carl specializes in. Following the screening, we will open the floor for a vibrant discussion on the creative possibilities of film media, inviting perspectives on how such innovative techniques can further blur the lines between art and scholarly research.

Join us for an engaging exploration of cinema's evolving landscape through the lens of Carl Hamnede's work, and participate in a dialogue that promises to enrich our understanding of film not just as entertainment, but as a powerful tool for historical documentation and artistic expression.

As always, there will be popcorn!

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This event is presented as part of Huminfra. 

Huminfra is a Swedish national infrastructure supporting digital and experimental research in the Humanities by providing users with a single entry point for finding existing Swedish materials and research tools, as well as developing national method courses.

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Organizer: Humlab
Event type: Guided tours
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