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Humlab Talk: What is digital history?

Time Tuesday 23 March, 2021 at 15:00 - 17:00
Place ZOOM

Digital history is an emerging field that draws on digital technology and computational methods, and invites scholars worldwide to join forces, it presents exciting and novel ways we might explore, understand and represent the past. In his new book What is Digital History? professor Hannu Salmi (University of Turku) provides an introduction to digital history. Beginning with an examination of the origins of the digital study of history, he goes on to discuss the question of how history exists in a digitized form. He introduces basic concepts and ideas in digital history, including databases and archives, interdisciplinarity and public engagement. He also outlines the problems and methods in the study of big data, both textual and visual, particular attention is paid to the born-digital era: the contemporary age that exists primarily in digital form, and how future historians should approach the study of our digital time.
At this Humlab Talk Salmi presents his new book and engage in a conversation with Sune Bechmann (Lund University).

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Organizer: Humlab
Event type: Lecture
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