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Lunch Pitches with Fredrik Ohlsson and Alp Yurtsever

Time Tuesday 17 May, 2022 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Glasburen, KBC-building

To encourage cross pollination of ideas between researchers from different disciplines, the Integrated Science Lab (IceLab) hosts interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision of allowing ideas to meet and mate. During the Lunch Pitch Season, the creative lunches take place at KBC every other Tuesday.

Who is pitching about what?

Pitch 1: Fredrik Ohlsson, Associate professor, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics: Not just a pretty face: Symmetries in mathematical biology

Fredrik is interested in connecting with anyone who is interested in analyzing their biological system using symmetry based modelling techniques, either by constructing explicit models or using deep learning, or has a biological data set they are interested in exploring.

Pitch 2: Alp Yurtsever, Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics: A Quick Overview of Mathematical Programming

Ideas welcome from anyone!

Register by 10 am May 16th to reserve your free lunch (sandwich, drink, and little sweet snack):


Event type: Seminar
Staff photo Fredrik Ohlsson
Fredrik Ohlsson
Associate professor
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Staff photo Alp Yurtsever
Alp Yurtsever
Assistant professor
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Gabrielle Beans Picón
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