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RobotSpace workshop

Time Monday 25 November, 2019 at 15:00 - 17:00
Place Humlab

During the fall semester a series of workshops are arranged where we together create a stylish and easy-to-approach platform for adult users who don't feel that they "know" programming, where the users fast and easily can try programming a robot.

A goal is to do pop-up workshop using the tool during spring.

We are looking for volunteers who like user friendliness, want to make things together with others and who are interested in combining the following:

  • Science fiction
  • Pedagogy and gamification
  • Programming and learning
  • Art, design and architecture 
  • Problem solving

It is not nessecary to know all of the above oneself, it's enough to like them :-)

We supply:

  • Robots
  • A creative environment available 'round the clock
  • Various kinds of materials
  • Workshops led by specialists
  • 3D printers
  • A common goal to work toward
  • Great opportunities to try out your ideas

RobotSpace is a cooperative project, arranged by Humlab and Umeå university library.

Sandwiches and coffe/tea are on us!

Event type: Workshop