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Four scientists on climate change.

Lunch lecture: The human dimension of the environment

Tuesday 19 February, 2019 at 12:15 - 12:45
Hörsal B, Social Sciences Building

The lecture will be held in English and deals with the motivators and barriers that exists for humans in these time of climate change and subsequent demands for behavioral change. More specifically the focus will be on how attitudinal factors, such as values, beliefs and norms influence the willingness to change for the sake of the environment.

Annika Nordlund is a lecturer and associate Professor at the Department of Psychology. Her main research interest lies in the environmental and social psychology field which concerns different environmental associated behaviours and how different actions to change behaviour are perceived.

Klimatstudenterna Umeå and Umeå University invite you to a series of lunch lectures on the topic of climate change. 4 lunch lectures end in an interdisciplinary panel discussion where the climate change is discussed based on the participating researchers' perspectives and expertise. The panel discussion will be focused on actual solutions, at social and individual level. Umeå University's role will also be presented and discussed. The purpose of the event is to achieve an interdisciplinary perspective on the topic of climate change since all parts of the society is needed to find a solution. This is not a topic only for politicans and people whom have an enviromental interest since the climate change affects all people from all levels of society. Therefore the audience will get a chance to ask questions to our panel and involve in the discussion.

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Staff photo Annika Nordlund
Annika Nordlund
Senior lecturer (associate professor)
Read about Annika Nordlund
Annika Nordlund
Read about Annika Nordlund