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Várdduo seminar - Luke Laframboise

Time Wednesday 27 January, 2021 at 10:15 - 12:00
Place Zoom

Reaching Across the World: Indigenous Political Organisations in the Context of the Sami

Indigenous groups increasingly have a voice in political proceedings, yet there is little research done focusing on the political bodies they use to enact their political will, sometimes termed Indigenous Peoples Organisations (IPOs). 
This research proposes to change this by focusing on the creation, adaptation, and resilience of IPOs through focusing on the Sami people of Fenno-Scandia. The Sami were one of the first indigenous groups to made use of IPOs and, as such, provide a strong example of what can be achieved on an international level. To do this, this dissertation will present four articles that will focus on different aspects of Indigenous Peoples Organisations. The first will be a history of the internationalisation movement through a concentration on the Sami people. The second will be an investigation of the role that IPOs play through their inclusion to the Arctic Council. The third article will compare the Swedish Sámediggi and the Canadian Assembly of First Nations and their response to land claims. The fourth and final article will seek to understand how affective political advocacy through these bodies is through a look at the efforts of the Saami Council’s EU unit. 
Overall, this research intends to highlight the importance of Indigenous Political Organisations as well as show how deeply they are intertwined with the peoples they represent.

Luke Laframboise will do an introduction to his research and then Åsa Össbo, researcher at Várdduo will lead the discussion.

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Luke Laframboise
Doctoral student
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