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Várdduo - Centre for Sami Research

Várdduo - Centre for Sami Research is a unit at Umeå University, engaged in coordinating and initiating new Sami and Indigenous research.

The centre facilitates a transdisciplinary environment for researchers and doctoral students involved in Sami related issues, to meet, share knowledge, and develop further research initiatives, and activities of relevance within the field. In addition (and relation) to research, collaboration is at the core of Várdduo´s agenda. Collaborative efforts involve not only the local, national and international research´ community, but also extend to actors, organisations and institutions of particular relevance to Sami and Indigenous societies.


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Collaboration is key at Várdduo

About Várdduo
About Várdduo

More about our organisation


Health consequences if mine opens
Published: 16 Oct, 2020

New report describing health effects of potential mining establishment in Kallak

The government's strategy for the arctic region
Published: 06 Oct, 2020

On September 29, the government presented its strategy for the arctic region 2020

New article on indigenous diplomacy
Published: 14 Apr, 2020

Collaboration in indigenous research between Sweden and Australia in a newly published article.

Arcum participated in the celebration of the Sámi national day
Published: 06 Feb, 2020

With sunny weather, the Sámi national day was celebrated at Umeå University . Arcum was of course there.