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Archaeogenetics and Genetic Genealogy

For the first time, Kungliga Skytteanska Samfundet in Umeå is organizing an international conference on archaeogenetics. The conference will be held November 13-14 in Aula Nordica in Umeå, Sweden. The theme is “Exploring human history and genealogy through DNA”. The conference is open to anyone interested in archaeogenetics and genealogy who wants to learn about the latest research, exchange ideas, build networks and participate in discussions.

Where do we come from, how did we live, how did languages evolve in relation to how people moved? How is DNA used today? How accurate is the technology? Who will have access to the information?

The Kungliga Skytteanska Samfundet warmly welcomes you to a conference where you will obtain answers to many questions that can only now be answered because of the use of modern DNA technology.

Here you will gain new knowledge from prominent scientists and others who actively work with human DNA in attempt to reveal its secrets. This two-day conference is open to all.

Humans origins, prehistoric traces in the form of bones and teeth and how we interpret the findings. Contemporary questions about genealogical and forensic use of DNA

The first day is devoted to answering questions from a broad historical perspective where human origins, pre-historic traces of bones and teeth and interpretation of these findings will be explored. The second day will focus on more contemporary issues such as genealogical and forensic uses of DNA.

The first day’s lectures will be given in English by invited speakers from successful research groups in Europe. The moderator is Professor Jan Olov Westerberg, former head of the Swedish Museum of Natural History. In a panel debate, various ethical issues will be highlighted, which can then be discussed at a joint dinner where the well-known author and science journalist Karin Bojs will talk, amongst other things, about her book My European Family.

The second day contains a lecture by the internationally renowned blogger Roberta Estes, who will present her views on genealogy. Studies focusing on searches for ancestry of people in the Nordic countries will also be presented. Discussions of how the police use DNA in their activities will round off the day.

The questions are many, the amount of information is enormous. Although answers to everything cannot be accommodated in two half days, you will obtain answers to many questions about the explosive development of DNA analyses, which can be used for so much.

Welcome to Umeå!

Latest update: 2019-05-28