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Schedule overview and speakers

Kungl. Skytteanska Samfundet and Umeå University welcome you to an international conference in Archaeogenetics and Genetic Genealogy November 13-14 2019. Below you see the schedule for the two days of the conference.

Schedule Wendsday November 13
Aula Nordica, Umeå University

The first day is about answering questions in a larger historical perspective; human origin, prehistoric traces in the form of bones and teeth and how we interpret the findings.

These lectures will be held in English with invited lecturers from prominent research groups in Europe.

13.00 Introduction by Fredrik Elgh, Professor/Senior Physician at the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Lars-Erik Edlund, Professor at the Department of Language Studies and the President of the Skytteanska Samfundet.

13.15 Scientific program, Chair Jan Olov Westerberg

13.20 Demographic events i the latter prehistoric Scandinavia: Iron age mobility, Anders Götherström

14.00 DNA, migration and interaction in Stone Age Scandinavia, Helena Malmström

14.30 Coffee

14.50 Early Indo-European migrations – combining Ancient DNA, Archaeology, and Historical Linguistics, Jenny Larsson

15.20 The Genetics of Violence, Malcolm Lillie

15.50 The population history of northeastern Siberia since the Pleistocene, Martin Sikora

16.20 Paus

16.30 Panel discussion: Future perspectives of archeogenetics - opportunities and risks. Participants: Anders Götherström, Helena Malmström, Jenny Larsson, Johan Linderholm och Martin Sikora. Moderator: Jan Olov Westerberg

17.30 End of session

19.00 Dinner: Restaurant Universum

20.30-21.00 (about) How to tie together amateurs and professionals, Karin Bojs

Schedule Thursday November 14
Aula Nordica, Umeå University

During the second day, we will listen to lectures on the role of DNA research in genealogy. We will also learn more about how the police use DNA in their line of work. N.B. These lectures will be held in Swedish execpt for the first one by Roberta Estes.

There will be a focus on hot, contemporary issues, such as genealogical and forensic use of DNA.

08.30 The power and future of genetic genealogy, Roberta Estes

09.20 Skogfinskt DNA – genealogi och migration, Jan Myhrvold

10.00 Vad DNA berättar om den samiska befolkningens djupa ursprung, Peter Sjölund

10.15 Coffee

10.30 Min släktresa i sameland och Kanada, Olle Sarri

11.05 Hur jag blev 50-procentig rom, Sandra Englund

11.20 Hur mina kusiner blev mina syskon, Carl-Oskar Lundström

11.40 Kontrollera släktskap på avstånd med DNA, Jakob Norstedt

12.05 Pause

12.15 DNA-kartläggning av den (ö)kända Buresläkten från medeltiden, Peter Sjölund

12.35 Forensisk genealogi – att klara upp brott med DNA-släktforskning, Bo Lundqvist

13.00 End of session

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