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The Faculty of Science and Technology is responsible for education and research in science and technology and provides service to the faculty departments. The work is organized in a number of committees and committees. The faculty board is the highest decision-making body.

The Faculty of Science and Technology is headed by our Dean, Mikael Elofsson, who is also the chairperson of the Faculty board. The faculty leadership consists of the deans, chairs of committees and head of faculty office.

The Faculty board is responsible for research, post-graduate education, as well as undergraduate education within the Faculty. The board's members are elected to their posts, with exception of the student members. There are a number of different committees that prepare and handle different matters.

The Education committee handles matters regarding the faculty's education, for example syllabuses and organisation of education programmes. The committee usually meets eight times per year.

The Committee for doctoral studies handles matters regarding doctoral studies.

The Research committee deals with research-related issues on behalf of the faculty board, such as the allocation of faculty-funded research time. The committee usually meets four times per term.

The Employment Committee handles matters regarding teacher employment.

The faculty consists of eleven departments. Each is led by a head of department. There are also several research centers each led by a director. For education each department has a director of studies and every education programme has a programme director and programme study counsellor.

Latest update: 2022-11-03