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Faculty of Science and Technology

Our Faculty has 3 300 full-time students, 1 000 employees, and a strong research. The eleven departments of the faculty comprises research and education within architecture, biology, chemistry, computing science, industrial design, mathematics, physics, educational science, and technology.

Latest news

New SciLifeLab group leaders from Umeå

As a group leader, you have access to a strong network within life science and tailored activities.

Get to know Magnus Wolf-Watz – New UCMR PI

Magnus Wolf-Watz researches the linkages between protein structure and dynamics and bacterial infectivity.

Get to know Kemal Avican – New UCMR PI

Kemal Avican researches the adaptation mechanisms of bacteria to find new strategies to fight infections.

Good infrastructure essential for research at the forefront

High-tech equipment and huge data collections in focus during the well-attended infrastructure day.

Researchers join hands with industry to measure the unknown

How the MAX IV laboratory can be made more accessible – university invests in knowledge support for industry.

AI today – between reality and hype

AI systems don't just appear. Building the models requires many skills.

Latest features

Advanced microscope provides frozen snapshots at atomic level

Umeå's cryo-electron microscope attracts students and researchers from all over the world.

Gut bacteria can provide clues to curing diseases

André Mateus researches how drugs and the microbiome in the human gut work together.

IceLab Camp exceeded all expectations

18 researchers at different career stages met for a creative camp in Granö.

Related information

Science outreach events

Umeå University researchers disseminate their research outside the University through various events.

Collaborate with us

Our faculty works actively to develop its interaction with the surrounding community.