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Faculty of Science and Technology

Our Faculty has 3 300 full-time students, around 200 doctoral students and a strong research. The eleven departments of the faculty comprises research and education within architecture, biology, chemistry, computing science, industrial design, mathematics, physics, teaching, and technology.

Information about the coronavirus

Information about the coronavirus for students, faculty and staff  (Updated: 4 May 2021).

Latest news

Kungliga Skytteanska Samfundet’s award to membrane chemist

The award-winning researcher Naser Tavajohi has worked at the Department of Chemistry for just over two years.

Molecules that trick viruses into attaching

Emil Johansson makes molecules that bind to viruses and block them from infecting cells and causing disease.

Old lessons in chemometry can improve modern AI - and vice versa

With increased use of automatic systems, it is important to understand limitations in the whole chain.

New evaluation model for more sustainable cities

Includes two life cycle tools and takes into account the effect of the city's services in water-waste-energy.

Rules must be broken when computers are to learn human language

Anna Jonsson has developed her own model for semantic analysis.

New initiative in research in the growing field of Media AI

Automatic analysis of combined media in text, image and sound is becoming increasingly important.

Latest features

Chemistry students study molecules in a VR environment

Through VR glasses, students can twist and turn molecular models and see chemical reactions in 3D.

An arctic adventure

Icebreaker Oden is soon on its way northward. On board are researcher ready for new discoveries.

Sweden's new Arctic strategy lacking local input

The Minister of Foreign Affairs presented Sweden's new Arctic strategy at Umeå Arctic Forum.

Related information

Science outreach events
Science outreach events

Umeå University researchers disseminate their research outside the University through various events.

Collaborate with us
Collaborate with us

Our faculty works actively to develop its interaction with the surrounding community.