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Study social science, behavioural science and economics

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers almost fifty programmes at either beginner’s or Master’s level and hundreds of freestanding courses.

Studying at our faculty is about studying people and the structures and relations we create and their consequences. It can also be about social relations, individual development and many other aspects. Some of the areas included in our study programmes are business economics, economics, social planning, interaction between man and computer, and sustainable development.

We provide our students with the theoretical and practical knowledge they need for the career they have chosen. Students will also develop their skills in solving problems and in critically examining, analyzing and evaluating different phenomena.

Almost 10 000 students from many different countries study our programmes and freestanding courses at first and second-cycle level. Many students study via the internet and we also offer several programmes specializing in sport. Different evaluations have shown that all our programmes are of a high standard.

Programmes and courses in English

We have a beginner's programme entirely in English and ten Master's programmes in English for students who already have a Bachelor's degree. Moreover there are many freestanding courses at all levels which you can study for one term for instance.

For more information, please contact:

Ann-Louise Silfver
Associate professor
Latest update: 2019-12-12