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Image: Elin Berge

Faculty of Social Sciences

Knowledge of social science is a necessary prerequisite for being able to cope with and solve some of today's most pressing global issues, such as the environment, health, poverty, growth and democracy. The research and education done at the faculty focuses in various ways on society and social issues.

Our researchers are of high international standing, having reached prominence in a number of fields such as welfare research, applied IT, gender issues, sustainable development and developmental psychology. Our educational programmes and courses have a solid scientific basis. We put a lot of effort into designing our study programmes so they provide a theoretical foundation and also help students to put that knowledge to practical use within the chosen vocational field.


Fashion retailer Kappahl's CEO in conversation with our programme students

Elisabeth Peregi, CEO of Kappahl, in conversation with our programme students

Third round cELog certified students

USBE has now received the certificates for the students who meet the standard established by ELA.

Honorary doctor who created close ties between Umeå and Wisconsin

Sharon M. Kolb will be awarded an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2023.

New professor in population studies at Umeå University

Anna Baranowska-Rataj is a new Professor in Population Studies specialising in register-based research.

"My time at Umeå University helped me achieve my career goals"

Alumnus Asim Mehmood from Pakistan hopes to make a long-lasting impact in his community and beyond.