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Faculty of Social Science

Knowledge of social science is a necessary prerequisite for being able to cope with and solve some of today's most pressing global issues, such as the environment, health, poverty, growth and democracy. The research and education done at the faculty focuses in various ways on society and social issues.

Our researchers are of high international standing, having reached prominence in a number of fields such as welfare research, applied IT, gender issues, sustainable development and developmental psychology. Our educational programmes and courses have a solid scientific basis. We put a lot of effort into designing our study programmes so they provide a theoretical foundation and also help students to put that knowledge to practical use within the chosen vocational field.


The SNS Economic Policy Council 2022: Introduce a rating system in public procurement similar to systems used for taxi and hotel services

New SNS report on Public Procurement written by, among others, Sofia Lundberg, Professor of Economics.

Curiosum is open during the Christmas break with evening film shows in the dome theatre

Do you feel like leaving the quiet corner of your home during the Christmas break and activate your family?

Set students grade with AI?

If you are interested in AI, you are welcome to participate at Autograide Hackaton on the 19th of January.

“We need to stop telling women to step up”

If you ask Ann Öhman, the uneven gender distribution in academia is no insoluble problem.

Fearless and ground-breaking environmental economist

Runar Brännlund, one of Umeå University’s most outspoken voices is preparing to draw back.