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Faculty of Social Science

Knowledge of social science is a necessary prerequisite for being able to cope with and solve some of today's most pressing global issues, such as the environment, health, poverty, growth and democracy. The research and education done at the faculty focuses in various ways on society and social issues.

Our researchers are of high international standing, having reached prominence in a number of fields such as welfare research, applied IT, gender issues, sustainable development and developmental psychology. Our educational programmes and courses have a solid scientific basis. We put a lot of effort into designing our study programmes so they provide a theoretical foundation and also help students to put that knowledge to practical use within the chosen vocational field.


New research project will learn more about fermented foods

Today, little is known about the impact of fermentation on human health.

Welcoming ten doctoral students

The Arctic Graduate School is up and running after a kick-off day at the start of the Autumn semester.

Premature children do well in school

When looking at school grades, researchers did not find any negative effects of being born moderately preterm.

Who benefits from gender equality?

Maria Carbin, Professor of Gender Studies, investigates what underlying norms shape policy reforms.

“If we continue to eat like we do today we will destroy the planet”

To tackle climate change, we must eat less meat. But what really makes people change their diets?