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Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Social science research adds to an overall understanding of society where research findings from the fields of technology, science and medicine will be put to use. Social science research therefore has a dual purpose: firstly, it increases knowledge about society and processes of social change, and secondly it synthesizes, tests and links such knowledge with that produced in other scientific fields

Research done at the faculty covers a wide range of scientific fields. Findings have been of importance to the international research community and have also helped to spread knowledge to Swedish society outside the field of academia.

Social science research at Umeå University has also been successful in many other respects. Evaluations done of the various research environments have shown that a number of fields are of a high international standard.

The faculty has also held its own in Umeå University's major drive to support successful individual researchers. Another indication of the high quality of research done is the fact that external financing of research has increased in recent years. This is a sign that many of the faculty's researchers do work that is of a high national and international standard.

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