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Latest Profile and Feature

Stephen Daly, postdoctoral researcher at King’s College London
Short interview with FairTax researcher Stephen Daly, postdoctoral researcher at King’s College London.
Published: 20 Nov, 2018
Kiran Aziz, Fairtax Researcher
Short interview with Kiran Aziz, FairTax researcher
Published: 20 Nov, 2018
A collaboration worth building on
The Co-op model helps students to combine studies with job placements at regional construction companies.
Published: 20 Nov, 2018
The biomedicine student who got on the plane to Umeå
"The course starts tomorrow!" Henry Bwanika just got on the plane to Umeå to start his student life.
Published: 19 Nov, 2018
Dyslexia doesn’t stop me
Given the right support, dyslexia is no hindrance. Just ask Johanna Lundström who studies architecture.
Published: 19 Nov, 2018
Mountain-crossing climate research
The Abisko research station is popular among researchers from all over the world for studying climate change.
Published: 16 Nov, 2018
A place to meet for many expressions
Among workplaces at the University, Bildmuseet contemporary art museum stands out somewhat.
Published: 15 Nov, 2018
Sustainable trio of perspectives
They have different methods at their departments to help shape the future through sustainable development.
Published: 13 Nov, 2018
Ahmad Hussein
He leads the fast track for newcomer teachers. Read more about Ahmad Hussein's journey into Swedish society.
Published: 12 Nov, 2018
WHO Director-General recommends public health studies
Dr. Tedros, WHO Director-General and honorary doctor at Umeå University, urges studies in health.
Published: 02 Nov, 2018
Alpine ecosystems under the microscope
Maja Sundqvist is studying nature in a slow-changing climate by using natural variations in altitude.
Published: 03 Jul, 2018
En route to a sustainable university town
A cycle superhighway, electric cargo bikes and a bus stop hub. Sustainable Umeå coming along.
Published: 02 Jul, 2018
Umeå – a part of the Arctic
What is the Arctic? Opinions differ. But Västerbotten counts as the Swedish Arctic.
Published: 02 Jul, 2018
The student rising – political activism past and present
‘Welcome to the left-wing university’. An echo from revolutionary and activist times gone by.
Published: 29 Jun, 2018
With Sami health in mind
Indigenous peoples' health is generally worse, still Swedish law prohibits ethnicity comparisons.
Published: 29 Jun, 2018