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New contaminants emerge due to global warming
Due to climate change, known and unknown infectious diseases lie in wait, and communities must be prepared.
Published: 29 Jun, 2018
Hassan passed the test
Hassan Baqer was one of the first to pass the proficiency test for medical doctors at Umeå University.
Published: 28 Jun, 2018
Population studies in the hinterland
Researchers Doris and Dean Carson challenge the traditional view of the hinterland through their research.
Published: 28 Jun, 2018
Democracy through architecture
Architecture is an important part of democracy and the key to stimulate democratic processes.
Published: 27 Jun, 2018
Truthfulness wins the election
The party delivering the most credible description of reality is likely to win the next election.
Published: 27 Jun, 2018
Language – the key to influence
Swedish pupils are knowledgeable about society and social issues. But do they turn into proactive citizens?
Published: 27 Jun, 2018
How trolls will affect the election
Fake new, made viral via social media, will affect the 2018 Swedish general election.
Published: 26 Jun, 2018
The electoral system decides the winner
Klas Markström studies how election system setups affect the results.
Published: 25 Jun, 2018
Democracy is no guarantee of peace
Democracy is often an important part of making peace, even if the road there can be violent.
Published: 25 Jun, 2018