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Profiles and Features

Åsa Strand,  professor vid Institutionen för fysiologisk botanik
Understanding plant signaling systems for more resilient crops

Åsa Strand wants to develop robust crops to ensure food security for the world's population.

Del av jordklotet. Europa sett från rymden med atmosfär och moln.
Building Bridges Through Erasmus+

Umeå University's Erasmus+ Collaboration with Ukrainian and Moldovan Higher Education Institutions.

Man framför filmduk som visar en matematisk matris. Han bär ljusblå skjorta och han har en mikrofonmygga kring örat.
From a techy childhood to a multinational tech company

Thomas Nilsson, former computing science student and PhD student, talks about his career path in an interview.

Nicolò Maccaferri
Physics meets magic as Nicolò Maccaferri tames the light

His research lays the foundation for the light-operated and energy-efficient computers of the future.

Elsa Karlsson Gustafsson
Winner of the Parliaments essay Award 2023

A day at work of Elsa Karlsson Gustafsson

Rector Sofia Lundberg leaves USBE

At the end of this year, she will hand the reigns over and return to being a professor of economics.

Full list of Profiles and Features

Various perspectives on sustainability issues are necessary
Interview with Erland Mårald from the UTRI Steering Committee, Umeå Transformation Research Initiative.
Published: 2020-11-12
Changing one’s behaviour is the key to sustainable transition
Annika Nordlund is docent of psychology and steering group member in Umeå Transformation Research Initiative.
Published: 2020-11-11
The Industrial Doctoral School is more than just business
"The Industrial Doctoral School will always be close to my heart,” remarks Kristina Sehlin MacNeil.
Published: 2020-11-09
Business contacts led to a job after graduation
Jonas Westberg was one of the first doctoral students at IDS. Today, he works in the industry in Norway.
Published: 2020-11-09
Health and Medical care’s handling of social issues
Isabel Goicolea, Professor in public health
Published: 2020-11-06
Emmanuelle Charpentier: "I really miss the atmosphere at Umeå University"
Words of praise, memories and laughter. Celebrating Umeå's first Nobel laureate via a live web link.
Published: 2020-10-14
Affiliate receives close to 1 million in research grants from Forte
Forte gives 970,000 kr for a project on competence provision for social services in sparsely populated areas
Published: 2020-09-14
Organic pollutants can affect marine bacteria
Marine bacteria can be affected by organic pollutants.
Published: 2020-09-11
Increasing diversity in shallow coastal areas
The species diversity in coastal areas can increase as an effect of climate change.
Published: 2020-09-11
Swedish food strategy questioned in book on Arctic food security
Scientific anthology on food security in the Arctic released today
Published: 2020-09-10
“The best thing about IDS is the mixed disciplines”
Johan Iraeus does research on preventing and mitigating vehicle collision injuries at Chalmers.
Published: 2020-09-08
Toxic algae equipped for the future
The toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii is well-equipped to meet climate change.
Published: 2020-08-14
Pike - survivors in a changing environment?
The pike's ability to adapt to a diverse environment may be its key to survival.
Published: 2020-08-14
Deadly vitamin deficiency in the sea
Salmon, eider, gulls… Many top predators suffer from thiamin deficiency. Why does the problem arise?
Published: 2020-08-13
Knowledge-hungry water management authorities
Collaboration between research and water management is necessary for a healthy marine environment.
Published: 2020-08-13