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Published: 2023-05-25 Updated: 2024-05-23, 13:57

“The most exciting full-time activity of my life”

PROFILE What is like to study at the Umeå School of Architecture? What has made the strongest impression on you? And what do new students need to know? In this reportage from 2023, the questions were put to Frida Block, who was then studying for a master's degree at the School of Architecture.

Text: Johanna Fredriksson
Image: Simon Jönsson, Umeå universitet, Simon Jönsson

What is your experience of studying at the Umeå School of Architecture at Umeå University?

“It’s been amazing and certainly the most exciting full-time activity of my life. It’s been so developing – both in terms of how I perceive the world, but also for my own self-reflection. I’ve learnt so much and the lecturers and their teaching have really been top notch.”

“You can go on an exchange too. I did that in year two when I went to Prague for my exchange studies. That experience was so rewarding and instructive, not just as an architect but also by providing new perspectives on life. I would say studying here has changed my life significantly. And I’m sad to be leaving.”

What has made the strongest impression on you?

“There are so many strong impressions. It’s been exciting to not only advance my creative processes, but also develop on a personal note. My studies here have helped me find myself and my genuine interest for this field. It has also provided me with a better understanding of the world and has been an eye-opener when it comes to how we tend to build things.”

What are your thoughts about studying at Umeå Arts Campus?

“Umeå Arts Campus is a highly creative place bustling with activity. I would say there is a form of divide between architecture, design and the fine arts, though. But student life here bridges the gap between the educations represented by the three buildings. It feels great to be a part of a campus where lots of activities take place that are directly linked to our education – such as design, creation and creativity. Umeå Arts Campus feels like a unified campus and is so beautifully positioned.”

How do you feel about graduating?

“It feels exciting, but also somewhat sad. I’ve had so much fun over the years. Now, it feels like a chapter is closing.”

What will happen next?

“It’s difficult to say, but I was planning on looking for a job at some fun place in Copenhagen. The world is your oyster as an architect, and I like that. I could also consider having a go at working at an architect school in Umeå or elsewhere just because it’s so incredibly cool to be a part of the atmosphere here. Spatial planning and planning towns or cities also seems like fun. I’m simply not sure what the future has in store for me.”

You often achieve the most when you leave your comfort zone.

What would you like to say to students starting their architecture studies?

“Be brave and have fun! Everything doesn’t need to be perfect. The whole idea of studying is to learn – so dare test new things to develop. You often achieve the most when you leave your comfort zone.”