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Queer futures of AI? Possibilities, constraints, and risks

In this two-day event we gather scholars in AI, digital humanities, and gender and queer studies, for a trans-disciplinary dialogue about queer perspectives on development and implementations of AI, and what possibilities, constraints and risk, that likely, and possible, AI futures may entail.

Previous research have highlighted several problems with AI from gender- and queer perspectives including issues of identity, privacy, surveillance, bias and fairness (see e.g. Scheuerman et al., 2019; Ashwin et al., 2021 ; Danielsson et al forthcoming). Drawing on such insights, Liliequist and collegues (2023) argue that queer theory can be used to identify where risks may arise, and to find new ways of building AI technologies and systems for an inclusive futures. In this event the aim is to both make space for queer theoretical dialogues, but also to actively explore how queer perspectives can contribute to AI studies and development.

During the event invited scholars will make a short presentation with their take on the conference theme in relation to previous, ongoing or coming research. The event will culminate in a special “Film Friday” session, featuring Dr. Josefine Wälivaara, a Ph.D. in drama-theatre-film. Dr. Wälivaara will introduce and showcase a selection of queer AI representations in TV series and movies. And, of course, popcorn will be served!


Wednesday 31 January – Pre-event  

13:00–15:00 Humlab Share: Queer perspectives on AI

Understanding professionalism in AI education: who is (not) perceived as professional
Virginia Grande, Uppsala University 

Where Judith Butler Meets Exploding Equation Systems: Queer Possibilities from Mathematics to Computing
Daniella Gati, University of Salford 


Thursday 1 February

Registration required - click here to register


10:00 Welcome + introduction to the event  

10:15-11:15 Presentations 2 x 20 min incl. Q&A

Intimate AI: Knowing through the machine
Matilda Tudor, Helga Sadowski, Lina Eklund, Uppsala University

Cripping the AI Imaginary: From Assistive Tech to Life in Crip Time
Amanda Lagerkvist, Uppsala University

11:25–12:00 Screening Tom's story + discussion
Josefine Wälivaara, Umeå University


13:15–14:15 Presentations 2 x 20 min incl. Q&A 

The New Normative: AI, Norms, and Queer Anti-Normativity
Daniella Gati, University of Salford

Queer queries to Synthetic data
Ericka Johnson, Linköping University

14:30–15:00 Presentations 1 x 20 min incl. Q&A

What does queer eye on AI mean for us?
Karin Danielsson, Evelina Liliequist, Andrea Aler Tabuella, Umeå University

15:00–15:30 Closing words


Friday 2 February

13:00 Film Friday: Queer perspectives on AI in film
Josefine Wälivaara, Umeå University


About the event

The event is funded by TAIGA microproject funding related to the focus areas CELS-AI 



Latest update: 2024-01-24