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Program activities

At Humlab we have three series of open lectures and research-oriented seminars: Humlab Talks, Humlab SHARE and Humlab Tech Breakfast. Most of these events do not require you to sign up in advance. Faculty, staff, students are welcome.

Furthermore, we have program activities, mainly within the framework of our ICT assignment for the faculty. To participate in ICT-lunches or workshops you need to sign up in advance but the writing group is open to attend when and if you like. 

Talks and seminars

Humlab Talk

Humlab Talk is a seminar series addressing current questions in the field of digital culture and Humanities.

Humlab Share

An interdisciplinary and informal forum in the intersection between the humanities and information technology.

Tech Breakfast

Tech Breakfasts create a space for practical and theoretical explorations of digital research methods.

ICT training and workshops

Digital Transformations

Online conference on November 16 - 17, 2021 

ICT training

Workshops for inspiration, training and pedagogical tools for teachers at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


Each semester we give workshops aimed at giving beginners as a first insight into a particular subject.

Upcoming events in Humlab

There are currently no upcoming events for this area. Do you want to see upcoming events for the entire university? Go to our calendar.