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Checklist for early project ideas

Project idea (assuming an idea exists)

  • Know the idea's origin (developed oneself, from a known party, or from an unknown party)
  • Have verified that the idea has acceptance and potential as a subject.
  • Have verified the idea with the intended target group, such as patients and/or caregivers
  • Have matched the idea against calls for proposals
    Know what intellectual assets (often called IP) I need to protect (where applicable).
  • Have a plan for implementation and utilisation
  • Am aware of deadlines and planned co-financing
  • Know that horizontal criteria/sustainability perspectives are part of the idea and are included in the planning
  • Have identified intended partner(s)
  • Have ensured that the right type of partners are included in the consortium and have a clearly defined role in the proposed project

Planning for the application

Key points or steps in the application process:

  • There is a plan for project planning and application work
  • Budget   
  • The overhead-costs model is clear and acceptable to the funder and one's own organisation
  • Any external services are specified and budgeted
  • The equipment that needs to be purchased is budgeted
  • Travel and accommodation costs are indicated
  • Audit costs are budgeted (if there are such requirements)
  • There are staff available, or a plan for any necessary recruitment
  • If premises are needed for the project, it has been verified that the proposed premises are available, or there is a plan to arrange premises
  • There is a plan for utilisation and perpetuity
  • Relevant agreements are identified
  • The internal anchoring and mandates are complete and decided
  • External anchoring with relevant organisations is complete

Horizontal criteria

Already at this stage, it is important to consider horizontal criteria, such as sustainability and gender equality, and integrate them into the planning and application.

Examples of questions to ask are: How have we defined the target group? Have we described what problems and/or needs women and men in the target group might have, and how our idea could help to solve them? Does the project have a strategy to reach both women and men?

Latest update: 2023-02-16