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Support Office for Life Science & Health (SOLH)

We support life science and health research and development in northern Sweden. SOLH works for:

SOLH contributes to:

Results and ideas that benefit health and social care.

Do you have an idea that you want to test or develop? Do you see a need in the organisation where you work? Are you a researcher and want to develop research results or ideas for the benefit of others? Are you looking for project partners or funding? The Support Office for Life Science & Health (SOLH) is a way forward to gain support in life science, health and healthcare.

Through collaboration, northern Sweden can attract more EU-funded projects, bringing about innovative results and helping the health sector meet major societal challenges.

Please contact us if you want to know more. 

Increased resources for research and development in northern Sweden.

SOLH makes northern Sweden more competitive vis-à-vis increased resources for research and development in life science.

The EU research and development budget for the coming years is substantial. A large part of funds are earmarked for projects that involve the collaboration of partners from different parts of Europe. SOLH helps to enable international collaboration that can lead to EU-funded projects. For example, we present the advantages of choosing northern Sweden as a life science and health partner to various networks in Europe.

Support for research fellows, clinicians and companies seeking to create EU-funded projects in collaboration with international actors.

Among other things, we help to:

·      Define the project idea

·      Build networks

·      Find partners

·      Develop agreements

·      Keep informed of calls for proposals

·      Find ways to utilise results

A toolkit with support and tools for collaboration projects

SOLH has developed a tailored offering of support and tools that improve opportunities for successful collaborative projects. The methodology includes various tools, tips and advice in different areas. The tools can be valuable at different stages, from the early project-idea stage to what happens after the project and managing the project results.

This toolkit is an important result of the SOLH project.

Tools for collaborative projects

Tools that enable projects

A selection of tools to enable your collaborative projects.

Partners and co-financiers

Latest update: 2024-03-01