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Support Office for Life Science & Health (SOLH)

The goal of the SOLH project is to support research and development in Life Science & Health and to investigate the forms of a sustainable support structure in northern Sweden. The project is coordinated by Umeå University's Innovation Office and is carried out together with the EU project office at the regional municipality of Västerbotten, Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University Holding AB.

SOLH contributes to:

Results that will be utilized in healthcare

Through collaboration, northern Sweden aims to secure more EU-funded projects, with innovative results that can be realized, and by that help healthcare to meet the present and futures major societal challenges.

Increased resources for research and development in northern Sweden

SOLH makes northern Sweden more competitive to acquire increased resources for research and development in Life Science.

In the coming years, the EU will have a substantial budget for research and development. Large parts of these funds are allocated to projects where partners from different parts of Europe will cooperate. SOLH will help to create the necessary international collaboration that may lead to secure EU-funded projects. For example, we will show that northern Sweden is a strong and reliable partner in the Life Science & Health sector to the relevant European networks in this field.

Support for researchers, clinicians and companies that intend to create EU-funded projects in collaboration with actors from foreign countries

Examples of issues we may help you with:

·       Defining a project idea

·       Building networks

·       Finding partners

·       Develop legal agreements

·       Inform about current and future calls

·       Suggest ways to utilize the results


Support office for Life science and Health
European Union
European Regional Development Fund
How to prepare for a competitive Horizon Europe proposal
Time 14 June at 09:00 until 15 June at 17:00
Place Medlefors Hotel and conference facility in Skellefteå